Sarah Sanders – DNC, Clinton Colluded, Accused Trump of What They Were Doing

Sanders, asked about Mueller’s continued role in his own witch hunt, notes that everything the left accused President Trump of, they’re actually guilty of themselves…

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders once again used the leftist media’s biased questions against them, this time as an opportunity to expose the joint establishment – left railroading of President Trump via the Russia, Russia, Russia in the Friday press briefing.

She’s asked, “There’s been a number of politicians over the past week, including Chris Christie here at the White House yesterday, who have said that Rob Mueller should step aside from certain investigations within the special counsel. Does the President share those views?”

Sanders replied, “The President wants to see this completed. We think that we are continuing to see, day in and day out, as this investigation moves to completion that, the same as it started there’s still no evidence of collusion between the President and anyone.”

She says, “If any collusion took place, it would be between the DNC and the Clintons. And I think we’re starting to now see that all of the things that the Democrats had accused this President of doing, they were actually guilty of themselves.”

She adds, “And I think that’s a really big problem that should be certainly looked at.”

It’s worth noting that she used the phrase, “as this investigation moves to completion,” an indication that they may now see that as the imminent outcome, given the unfolding developments, and are beginning what will be a concerted effort to put an end to the witch hunt in the short term.

It’s also quite likely that they know something else that we don’t, such as the content of the information held by the former FBI informant or other facts and information not yet in the public sphere which will upend the present order of things, that of accusatory Democrats taking pot shots at the President at will.

Once Mueller’s true colors and complicity are exposed, his “investigative effort” will implode, moving itself involuntarily towards completion, with all of the witches, to the extent that they ever existed, still safe, having never been found.

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