Sanders Calls For Fundamental Change Of Democrat Party To Communism – That’s Not Change

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Commie Bernie Sanders is making his move on an organization that is already on near death support. It’s already being firmly nudged in the direction of forcing a surrender of our capitalist roots and freedoms in favor of the phantom of a communist Utopian Never Never Land. In a weekend speech at the revolution-themed “People’s Summit” in the socialist enclave of Chicago, Illinois, Sanders addressed the would-be Bolsheviks of the Democrat Party. He called for a takeover, a coup, the overthrow of the existing horrible party leadership and replacing it with his “great and wonderfully humane communists.”

Sanders identifies as a socialist and is not even a member of the Democrat Party he is urging the destruction of. He told the audience, “The current model and the current strategy of the Democrat Party is an absolute failure.” He continued, “The Democrat Party, Democrat Party needs fundamental change, fundamental change.”

That worked out so well for us when Hussein Obama attempted to fundamentally transform America into a jumbo Cuba, but his army of youthful useful idiots probably had their head buried in a cell phone and missed all of that. They’ll be jumping at the chance to become one of Sanders’ slaves. Radicalization isn’t that radical in the case of the Democrats, and communism wouldn’t be much of a change anyway. At most he’s talking about an acceleration of the existing trend.

He continued, “What it needs is to open up its doors to working people, and young people and all people.” That’s already the case Sanders, except for that all people stuff, white Christian straight males aren’t welcome, and attractive women are shunned, as are hardworking, independent people of any stripe. But aside from that, Sanders is basically just calling for a clarification of their new communist direction. They’ll no longer be the party of free men and women working to get ahead. The future lies in becoming the party of enslaved human units given, as ants in a colony, their daily sustenance in exchange for mandated duties – the chores the nanny state assigns to them.

Sanders goes on to further restrict that “all people” category by placing the stipulation that they must be prepared to “fight for social and economic justice.” As the Fox and Friends video states as well, social justice is embodied by the Balkanization of identity politics which empowers the state to intervene to maintain control of relationships between individuals. Economic justice is code for the collective of communism where all things are equal, including income, status and assets, with public assets supposedly held jointly by the collective. Social and economic justice are intertwined tools of manipulation, with the enforcement of social equality in the assurance of economic equality being the foundational pretext for their authoritarianism.

The hothead, who reminds us of that grumpy old man next door who kicked our dog, goes on to say and spell out his words in the air, “The Democrat Party must finally understand which side it is on. And that cannot be the side of Wall St. or the fossil fuel industry or the drug companies.” It’s clear he’s drawing a distinction between big government communists and the evil capitalists. The morons in the audience, with only the results of Obama’s destruction as a barometer of opportunity, apparently having already resigned themselves to being poor all their lives, see communist Bernie’s offer as a raised standard of living, a lie they willingly soak up, as uninformed, naive sheep always do.

If his age doesn’t force him out of the game this communist clearly plans on continuing what George Soros and Hussein Obama achieved over the past 8 years. The destruction is not complete and with Hillary Clinton’s loss, other players are stepping up. The Democrats, if Sanders is successful, will effectively and more openly be a communist party at least by 2020 but probably by 2018. That way they can test their transformed message and mission and tweak it in time for the next presidential cycle.

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