Sanctuary NYC Protected MS-13 Butchers Who Hacked, Dismembered Four Young Men

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Four illegal aliens were brutally murdered by the notorious street gang MS-13 in Long Island, New York. Mayor de Blasio made New York City ID cards available to his protected criminals so they are able to easily circumvent immigration law in his sanctuary city and his efforts seem to be paying off. He’s fighting to keep them in the US, because lawbreaking foreign anarchists are his kind of people and they belong on American streets. Good work, Mr. Mayor.

The victims’ bodies were so unrecognizable and disfigured that one could only be identified from a tattoo. They were discovered lying in a street on Wednesday, near a soccer field in Central Islip.

The victims were all males, one age 16, two age 18 and a fourth age 20. A fifth potential victim was able to escape. While family members state that none of them were officially members of the MS-13 gang, they did seem to have some contact prior to their murders, though it may have been incidental and innocent. Blanca Zhicat, the mother of one victim told reporters she believes they were lured to their deaths under the pretext of being invited to a party.

Yensi Fuentes, a cousin of one victim, described the grisly condition of his body, saying, “He had a plastic bag over his head in order to suffocate him and from what my cousin saw, his brother saw, they were really, they had a lot of trauma done to their bodies and they were all cut up.”

Some relatives reported being told the victims were going to meet friends at a local park when they were attacked by a group carrying machetes. They were reportedly tortured mercilessly, beaten, dismembered and left as a pile of flesh and bloody, severed limbs.

Suffolk County Police Commissioner Timothy Sini said, “MS-13, part of their trademark throughout the country not just here, is to prey on recent immigrants. Part of that is because many times recent immigrant families are in vulnerable positions.”

He added, “This is a long term war, and make no mistake about it. It’s a war, and today is a sad day in Suffolk County particularly for the loved ones and family and friends of those who were murdered.”

They had no words of recognition for Hussein Obama or former DHS Secretary Jihadi Jeh Johnson whose open, unenforced, catch and release borders brought the scourge of MS-13 to our nation. Not acknowledgement went to the desrving Mayor Bill de Blasio for making it as difficult of a task as he possibly can to get rid of them. De Blasio, Emanuel, Garcetti, all of the big city sanctuary mayors, as well as the DC Democrats who are willing to trade stolen lives in our nation for stolen illegal alien votes are to blame. They are culpable for creating the situation in which these four were killed.

As usual, that guilt will be ignored, even by those charged with capturing the perpetrators, as was the case with Commissioner Sini. They’ll do their best to capture the MS-13 gang members who committed the acts, ignoring the Democrat mob enablers. ; That is how they continue to get away with it, by pretending they had nothing to do with it.


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2 Comments on Sanctuary NYC Protected MS-13 Butchers Who Hacked, Dismembered Four Young Men

  1. Kelleigh Nelson // April 18, 2017 at 8:47 pm // Reply

    Deport all of them for criminy in the sink…what the hell is wrong with this idiot de Blasio commie schmuck?

  2. Law-abiding natural born citizen // April 18, 2017 at 4:13 am // Reply

    So the gang members are convicted of murder and executed, and the four illegal aliens are already dead; what’s the problem? Ah, the mother of one of the four illegals. She illegal, too?

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