Sanctuary Democrats Killed His Son, Daughter-In-Law Pandering For Fraudulent Votes

killed by illegal


The segment on Fox Business channel starts out with statements by two of the worst offenders, commie Bill de Blasio of New York and Rahm Emanuel of Chicago. Both claim they’re keeping their cities as havens of illegality for the benefit of their citizens, regardless of their “documentation.”

Baloney mayors. Pandering Democrats created a flow of illegals into this country in order to steal elections. Their opposition to Mr. Trump’s war on sanctuary cities is not an issue of humanitarianism or keeping foreign families together to any extent beyond the degree to which they can be used to keep their lawless grip on power or to expand it. They destroyed the integrity of the voting booth by defeating voter ID laws and they will now fight intensely for the ability to use that corrupted system to commandeer more illicit power.

If and when it results in the deaths of innocent Americans, as it did in this case, that’s just a price you’re willing for others to pay so that you can advance your agenda. Keeping families intact isn’t important if they’re Americans. It doesn’t matter to self-serving Democrat Party agitators that they’re destroying the lives of millions of Americans through illegal immigration, many through the death of a loved one. The self-centered, heartless bastards couldn’t care less

The video features a clip of Reince Priebus stating that federal funding should be withheld from sanctuary cities, a mild consequence that should be only a starting point. What should be taking place includes the arrest, prosecution and incarceration for their lawbreaking, including, whenever possible, as accessories in the deaths of these innocent Americans.

The couple pictured on the motorcycle, Billy and Natalie Funderburgh, were killed in June of last year by a drunk illegal alien with a previous arrest for drunk driving. He ran them over from behind at 120 miles per hour while they were riding their motorcycle and then fled the scene. That’s the kind of individual these criminal Democrat mayors are protecting.

President Trump referenced their horrible deaths in a speech as evidence in his argument for the return of the rule of law and an end to sanctuary cities, and the executive order he issued to do exactly that. Mr. Funderburgh notes that prior to President Trump taking on this issue they were ignored by those in power, the supposed “rights” of the illegals were what got the support from politicians.

That’s still the case with the corrupt and immoral Democrats, but that may be coming to an end with over the next four years and with the sanctuary city showdown that is developing. He makes a point as they are closing the interview, saying, “The mayors that are fighting this sanctuary city, the blood of my daughter-in-law and son are definitely on their hands and other families.”

Unfortunately, the fact is that the deaths of his loved ones mean nothing to the Democrat politicians. They care only about their own power.

President Trump and the American people take this issue seriously. If anyone can stop this horrible injustice from continuing to play out across this nation with other innocent Americans, Trump can, and more importantly, he will.

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