Ryan Plans To Prevent Cry Baby Democrats From Repeating Infamous Whine-In

house democrats ryan

house democrats ryan

There are two things that motivate and matter to Democrats, money and power. Every action a globalist or Marxist Democrat takes usually traces directly back to an effort to either acquire or preserve one or the other or both.


House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) appears to be using this fact to his advantage in an effort to prevent a repeat of the childish and inappropriate misbehavior of Democrats of last June, which included a sit-in as part of their attempt to pressure the leadership into allowing a vote on a gun control measure. They’ve vowed to repeat those offenses in the future if Republicans dare once again not to give them their way.

House rules prevent people on the floor from taking pictures, recording video or using “a mobile electronic device that impairs decorum,” but there’s really no point in sitting around on the floor like a spoiled, bratty child if they can’t broadcast it back home to their equally immature constituents. Fortunately for the Dems, breaking rules or laws is not something that they are generally opposed to so unless there is a price to be paid, they’re just as likely to ignore a rule or law as they are to abide by it.

With that in mind, Ryan is proposing the imposition of a fine of $2,500 for U.S. representatives who use recording devices on the floor of the House. The House sergeant-at-arms would be responsible for identifying and documenting the violation and for dispensing the fines. A repeat of the June sit-in could be costly, dependent upon how many House members participate and whether or not they are, as in the case of Nancy Pelosi, rich beyond $2,500 being relevant.


Ryan spokeswoman Ashlee Strong said, “These changes will help ensure that order and decorum are preserved in the House of Representatives so lawmakers can do the people’s work.”

Democrats accused GOP leaders of planning an unconstitutional crackdown on their freedom of speech, with Michigan parasite John Conyers immediately reverting to his default argument for everything from the color of the sky to the name of the residence of the president, it’s racism.

Conyers said, “This unprecedented rule change, which appears to violate several fundamental constitutional protections, clearly is intended to undermine the rights of members in the minority to freely express their views on the House floor, which is a critical means by which members communicate to the American public. The use of the word minority applies to the Democrat representation in the House but that word flows easily off of his tongue and was undoubtedly selected because of its dual meaning.

The rule against recording devices has been in effect since 2000, under Republicans and was modified by Democrats in 2009. Both parties share ownership. The addition of the fine is the only change.


Conyers pulled out his standard boilerplate talking points that they use for anything they are protesting, minus specifically using the word “racist” in this instance. He, along with New York Reps Louise Slaughter and Jerrold Nadler and Steve Cohen of Tennessee, complained that the rule creating the fine would allow a “protocol official” to punish an elected official. Of course that protocol official already has that power, that’s what the position of sergeant-at-arms entails.

They also whined that forcing them to abide by the prohibition against cameras with a financial penalty deprives them of their due process protections. There is no less due process under a system with fines than one without, there is simply a means to force Democrat compliance. They also complained that the “threat of this fine” for recording audio and video on the House floor would discourage them from voicing their opinions.

As further evidence that they are money and power motivated to the exclusion of all else, the four Democrats said, “Even the threat of this fine would have a chilling effect on the right of members to express their views on the House floor, which is one of the most fundamental protections under the Constitution’s speech or debate clause as well as the First Amendment.”

Actually it just prevents you from being disruptive, Democrats, rules are made for vermin like you as well, despite the examples set by Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama.

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