Paul Ryan Says DACA Amnesty Will Be Part of Spending Bill – Unless We Stop Him

RINO Paul Ryan is releasing the trial balloons on DACA amnesty, sending his lieutenants out to hint that it’s going to be in the spending bill, to gauge how much anger…

paul ryan daca amnesty

RINO Paul Ryan never has gotten the message about the whole MAGA thing. Life as the establishment puppet in the House is pretty great already has far as he’s concerned. With the Chamber of Commerce at his back and President Trump indicating that he had changed his position on amnesty for DACA illegal aliens, Ryan is taking that as his cue to move ahead.

Regardless of what the voters said in November, Ryan is determined to go ahead with what his globalist puppet masters demand, his own Ryan amnesty, before the end of the year. Ryan admitted the ugly truth, part of what will hopefully make him a former Representative in 2018, to a group of House conservatives on Tuesday.

He says he plans to bundle DACA amnesty into the year end spending bill, as is the customary method for him and the rest of the spineless traitors to force measures upon the American people that they don’t want and that the Congressmen don’t have the guts to stand up and fight for on their own.

Ryan was asked if he foresaw a December omnibus spending bill that included Obamacare subsidies or DACA amnesty. He replied that while the subsidies won’t likely be there, amnesty was a sure thing.

Republican Steering Committee member Rep Mark Walker of North Carolina told the Huffington post on Tuesday, “He [Ryan] did talk about the fact that that would be good if we could get ahead of that as opposed to being reactionary.” The Steering Committee is comprised of Ryan loyalists, also known as filthy anti-American globalists, establishment lackeys, or the enemy.

The Huffington Post reporter asked if Ryan had indicated that there weren’t enough GOP votes to do amnesty on its own and he was dependent upon Democrat support. He replied with a murky, “It wasn’t as clear cut as that ― and it rarely is, actually ― but he did make reference that [DACA provisions] would be something that might be part of the whole ball of wax.”

Might means it’s a trial balloon, that it will definitely be included unless there is overwhelming outrage from the American people. Just like the little weasel from Wisconsin did in 2015 in giving Obama everything he wanted and then some in a two year omnibus bill, he’s using the same tricks to stuff this down our throats and he couldn’t care less if we like it or not.

Another member of the Steering Committee is playing the role of the good cop, Rep Rob Woodall (R-GA) providing the wiggle room in case Ryan gets himself in too deep, saying, “I would have said we were having a discussion about where the year was going, what’s left that’s out there to get done. That’s on the list of things to get done, and we just wouldn’t have the votes to do it by itself, so it would have to get combined.”

Two other Republicans who were not part of the discussion but who were briefed on it by another Congressman who did attend said there was no doubt, the intent was crystal clear. They both said they heard their briefer state unequivocally that DACA would be included in the omnibus spending package. Paul Ryan has not responded to requests for comment.

Adding even more evidence that we’re being sold a bill of goods, Walker noted that Ryan made a point of the amnesty coming in concert with “additional border security measures.” One more truck is additional border security measures and even if they’re significant, it’s not a wall. And the amnesty goes on forever with chain migration and social services.

In offering the same mealy-mouthed “interpret it any way you like as long as we get away with it” sales pitches, Walker said of Ryan, “He did talk about border security. The language that I’ve used, when we did the poll in the RSC, 83 percent of the RSC members believe that a precursor of any kind of long-term DACA fix is securing the border.”

He continued, “Now that could be defined different ways. I didn’t get any impression that Speaker Ryan has moved off of that position.” That’s an example of how a professional politician uses 61 words to say absolutely nothing, although he did follow it up with an important admission, saying, “I don’t think that anybody has said definitively that the wall has to be part of that.

All is not lost, though, as there are still those in the House who know Ryan for the weasel he is and aren’t going to allow him to get away, at least not if they can stop it, with any betrayal of that magnitude.

The Huffington Post asked Rep Ted Yoho (R-FL) on Tuesday for his position on Ryan sneaking DACA amnesty into the spending bill, he said, “He better not. You gotta get rid of DACA. DACA needs to go away.”

Rep Raul Labrador (R-ID) said it would be a “big problem” if Ryan tried it, saying sarcastically, “That’s true leadership, I guess.” Looks like it’s well past time to find new leadership.


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3 Comments on Paul Ryan Says DACA Amnesty Will Be Part of Spending Bill – Unless We Stop Him

  1. bennie Sowers // October 26, 2017 at 10:33 am // Reply

    Hell no we are being choked to death by too many balkanized ppl in this country,how long before we can get rid of all of these corrupt congress ppl this guy is trying to make a name for himself we must stop all immigration traffic all refugee’s, asylum and any movement of ppl coming into this country for any reason we need to stop and figure out what the fuck we are doing. These ppl are not coming here to help us they are coming for the freebies they are taking from those who paid into this system I am flipping sick of this bull shit.

  2. They’re taking turns dancing again. Good cop, bad cop. In the end they are all just going to stick it to the serfs and attach our wallets. Trump will rise or fall based on abdicating and breaking his word.

    Trump campaigned against big omnibus bills, he said shutting down the government was OK, he said constant spending must be stopped, tax “reform” must be done.

    So far tax reform looks like eliminating, or limiting 401Ks, eliminating property tax deductions, eliminating state/local tax deductions, in order to pay for tax cuts. That’s not a tax cut from where I sit. “Reform” the tax code … BS.

    Who knows what other eliminations they will sneak in. For every dollar they cut, I bet they confiscate 2 dollars from us.

  3. NO! DOWN with ryan, punto.

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