Rep Paul Gosar is calling for Paul Ryan to step down as Speaker before he hands the majority back to Dems and some form of RINO enabled DACA amnesty to boot…

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Twenty-one turncoat Republicans have sold out the American people and have committed to support the illegal squatter amnesty scheme of Rep Jeff Denham, joining with Democrats in passing a DACA bill of some type. It’s being done with the tacit, covert approval of Speaker Paul Ryan, who could put a stop to it any time he wanted to by simply withholding campaign funding.

But Ryan serves those same corporate establishment masters so he’s sitting quietly on the sidelines as the GOP pro-amnesty congressional rebellion grows. But there’s another rebellion that is starting to gain momentum, one that is representing the wishes of the American people in defying the corrupt Speaker Ryan. Freedom Caucus member Rep Paul Gosar of Arizona is the first to prominently call for Ryan to resign his position.   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

After reading the list of 21 traitors to the United States, Dobbs congratulates Gosar for his courage and standing up for what is right and the citizens of this nation. He notes that the Goodlatte Bill which was supposed to have already been offered up and which has not, is being watered down by Ryan, McCarthy, Scalise and the rest of the establishment sellouts and lobbyist puppets. Gosar points out that Paul Ryan’s heir apparent would already be speaker but he doesn’t have the support.

Dobbs notes that there was supposed to be a budget resolution last Sunday, asking, “If Ryan’s so doggone good at this job, where is that budget? He hasn’t had a budget has he?”

As he runs out of time, Dobbs asks, “Where is Jim  Jordan? Who is going to be the Speaker, who is going to step up here?” Gosar holds up a letter from conservative leaders in support of Jordan, saying, “There’s plenty of people now asking, around the country. You know the Speaker is third in line to the presidency. This shouldn’t be done behind closed doors. This should be done with America having a breath and a take in it.”

He adds, “If they want to drain the swamp this is the perfect opportunity to get involved and to get it done now.” Dobbs asks, “Who do you want to be Speaker?”  Gosar responds, “I want Jim Jordan.”

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