Russian Troops Prevented Clinton From Campaigning In Wisconsin

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It’s amazing how difficult it is for the media elites of Morning Joe and elsewhere to recognize the reasons why Hillary Clinton failed in her pursuit of the presidency. How can something so obvious be do difficult for smart people to grasp?

Scarborough goes after the New York Times for their position that, instead of being journalists, they are going to continue to be a political vehicle fighting against Donald Trump, what Scarborough calls the resistance. He says if they really want to be a progressive paper, they should explain why Democrats have lost 900 state legislative seats over the last eight years. Why have they lost sixty plus seats in the house?”

He continues, “Why have they lost twelve seats in the Senate? And why have they lost all of the governorships? You can only blame the Russians and gerrymandering and Donald Trump for so many things. This is a systemic problem and they just are staying in the bubble.”

Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin reminds us that that there were Russian troops positioned on the Iowa – Wisconsin border which prevented Hillary Clinton from going in. He further points to the absurdity of the Clinton blame game, and rather than a new economic agenda for revitalizing the economy they target the Electoral College. He observes that people wanted a change of direction and the thing to do is to determine where the fight is going to be.”

Halperin says, “A lot of the fights going to be in Congress, where there’s some issues where Donald Trump will co-opt some Democrats to vote for things.” They settle on the problem being a lack of an economic message that speaks to everybody in the country.

Since they’re having such a hard time figuring this out and it’s painful to watch elites struggle with basic concepts, I’ll spell it out for them here. Americans wanted our country back from the hijackers who have stolen it. No repackaging Obama BS into Clinton BS would be of any value. We also weren’t going to tolerate having a despicable, loathsome, dirty criminal dictating to us for another four years as we have for the last eight.

This election was about liberty, about a return to government by the people and an end to the injustices being perpetrated against us on a daily basis by the globalist who have hijacked our government. Only one outcome was acceptable, the one that we got. It wouldn’t make any difference what message came out of the lying hole of Hillary Clinton, it’s old news. The real bottom line – Lies from crooks aren’t enough. Video link.

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  3. Dr. Deplorable // December 22, 2016 at 1:30 am // Reply

    O’Vomit, HelldaBeast & the DNC will NEVER Recover, thanks to WikiLeaks & the Trump Train!

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