Russian Senator – Putin Didn’t Threaten US “Democracy,” It Was Obama

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We know that there will probably be another shoe or two to drop in the war of words and more between Hussein Obama and Russia. It’s like Obama doesn’t realize he’s getting his nose rubbed in the soiled carpet as he asks, in an anxious and hungry tone, what’s cooking in the kitchen.

On Friday a Russian official countered the arguments of the Obama regime and their intelligence community narrative, declaring that US democracy was undermined by ‘president’ Obama’s administration and the media, not by Moscow’s alleged hacking during the campaign. He’s a foreigner so we should probably give him a pass in describing our government as a democracy and for calling Obama our ‘president.’

Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov made his comments after the public release of a “US intelligence report” that accused Russian President Putin of deliberately orchestrating an effort to “undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process.” That doesn’t mean any cyber activity was involved, he could have been posting videos of Clinton’s seizures on Facebook or photos of her 9/11 face-plant on buses on the Chicago South Side.

Pushkov tweeted, “The U.S. democratic process was undermined not by Russia, but by the Obama administration and mass media, which supported Clinton over Trump.” Once again a Russian has been demonstrated to be a more accurate source of information than the mainstream US media propagandists. The anti-Trump bias and pro-Clinton exercise of unprofessional favoritism by the “fourth estate” was despicable.

He added, “The danger to democracy is within U.S. itself.” He credited the criminality and abuse of power by Hussein Obama as being responsible for the Republicans’ growing trust of President Putin. He also dismissed the media position that Putin caused a deterioration in the relationship between the US and Russia, calling that line of thinking “complete nonsense.” He tweeted, “Obama took the course to isolate and undermine Russian positions, and Putin is to blame. Compete nonsense.”

Pushkov also stated his belief that the US intelligence agencies could not be trusted following their 2003 guarantees that Iraq had in its possession weapons of mass destruction. “[A]ll accusations against Russia are based on ‘confidence’ and assumptions. U.S. was just as confident in [Saddam] Hussein’s possession of WMDs.”

The intelligence report released to the public on Friday contained only general information under the pretext that details could not be safely revealed. Once again, though they claim the evidence is in the classified version, the American people were left with “trust us, we’re from the government” and little, if anything, more.

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