Russian Officials Dismiss New Anonymous Meddling Claims By Fake News York Times

Russia spokeswoman


One of the preeminent and prolific purveyors of toxic fake news, The New York Times, has drawn a dismissal from Russia of some of their latest fabrications, their most recent iteration that members of the Trump presidential campaign had contacts with Russian intelligence officials during the campaign.

The Russians know a thing or two about state sponsored propaganda, so the actions of the New York Times probably look quite familiar. The New York Times cited four current and former officials, naturally all unnamed, as their sources for confidential government information that they say shows that Trump campaign members had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year leading up to the election.

The criminal activity, including treason and espionage, on the part of the corrupt candidate representing the Democrats is not newsworthy and has never been the subject of any interest by the New York Times. They’re only interested in the possibility that her opponent played a role in getting that information into the public sphere. The accusations that it was in conjunction with the Russians, while lacking any substance, makes the story more salacious and sellable for the America-hating Democrats.

If the New York Times is reporting accurately, they have themselves conspired with four criminals who are likely just as guilty of espionage as Bradley Manning or Edward Snowden, who have betrayed our nation and revealed secret documents and perhaps illegally gathered information. They are now hinting at the supposed content.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov spoke to reporters in a conference call, saying, “Let’s not believe anonymous information,” noting that the supposed sources were all unnamed. “It’s a newspaper report which is not based on any facts.”

Even the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service commented, describing the allegations as consisting of “unsubstantiated media allegations.” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denied any inappropriate contact between Russian state agencies and the Trump team during the campaign.

The Clinton emails archive site was launched on the WikiLeaks website on March 16, 2016, well before Donald Trump had secured the nomination.  Does it make sense that his people would be coordinating with the Russians, who they didn’t know and had no experience dealing with, to the potential benefit of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or John Kasich? Is it logical for them to expect that the nation with which she colluded to transfer rights to 20 to 50 percent of our nation’s uranium would be willing to work to defeat her? No, that’s very unlikely.

Zakharova attributes the typical New York Times fake news to the degradation of the press in the United States into a propaganda arm of the establishment globalists. She said in a daily news briefing that the most recent claims appear to her to be part of domestic political wrangling with the left determined to damage the opportunity for improved US – Russian relations.

She said, “We’re not surprised by anything anymore. This information once again proves that a very deep political game is playing out within the United States.” Zakharova understands the stakes for the American people better than most Americans.

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