Russian Mocks Obama Cry Baby Farewell Speech, Disastrous Record

russian leader mocks cry baby obama


Outspoken Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky is a former Deputy Chairman of the Duma from 2000 to 2011,  and the current leader of the Liberal Democratic Party. He was able, apparently, to stay awake as Obama subjected the people of Chicago to his goodbye drivel-fest, the one in which he once again revealed his inner woman as he dabbed away a tear with his hanky.

Zhirinovsky was not impressed by the performance of Chicago’s drama queen and had some comments of his own about the departing pretend ‘president.’ He said, “Obama delivered a farewell speech. Apparently he still has a bit of a conscience, so he wept. He was ashamed of what he had done over the last eight years. And though Obama tried to defecate on Russian-American relations, he has a conscience, and said goodbye to the country.”

Zhirinovsky continued, “Because he will never be anyone in this country. He’ll play golf in Hawaii with some unknown comrades. Well, the man is ashamed for what he has done in 8 years. The Middle East is in blood, Ukraine is in blood, the worst financial crisis happened and caused hatred of America everywhere, and the defeat of his party colleague Hillary.”

“The Chief of the General Staff of the United States brazenly states that Russia did not do anything in the Middle East,” says Zhirinovsky. “It turns out that the destruction of tens of thousands of terrorists is a merit of the Americans alone. But the world sees that the Americans did not do anything. Obama has promised to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, even during his first term, but it still works. Thus the man has not done anything. But we forgive him because he was crying.”

Zhirinovsky said in less than politically correct terminology, “A boy, an African-American will never win the elections in the United States again. Let him go to Hawaii and no one will remember about him. And the presidents before him were bad, Clinton, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr., from Reagan to Clinton and Obama finally. Here they are for forty years of running the country, they only created war, fear, violence and violation of rights.”

He added, “Applied democracy: Trump won and they try to challenge him in every possible way, referring to interference from the outside. How is this possible? It’s monstrous.”

There was a lot in his comments for Americans to take exception to, but the Obama and Trump stuff contained a lot of truth.

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