Russian Govt April Fools Mocking Dems – “Press 2 For Hacking” Embassy Voice Mail

russian switchboard


While Democrats are busily wringing their hands and making false accusations, and Republicans are occupied scratching their heads at the lunacy of the left and the dishonesty of the propaganda media, the Russians are having a good laugh, interspersed with their understandable bouts of frustration and outrage.

Most of it is, quite deservedly, is targeted towards the duplicitous Democrats, who they know better than anyone else have fabricated their Russia – Trump collusion story. They and the propaganda media are the conspirators, successfully creating a completely false scandal that they have elevated to the position of two Congressional inquiries, and counting.

The Russians understand that denials or effort to present refuting facts will and are only being ignored in this political exercise. They still make an effort to remind the world when possible that the accusations are unfounded, although understanding that in the USA, the Marxist Democrat agenda must come first. The media controls the narrative and they work for the Dems.

Russian President Putin made an effort himself just two days ago, reiterating in a manner reminiscent of George H W Bush’s infamous read my lips comments on taxes, making the same, “Read my lips, No” declaration when asked if there was any truth to the election meddling hoax.

In observation of April Fool’s Day, a day appropriate for recognizing Democrat voters and for practical jokes, the Russians opted for a bit of the latter with their recording at the Russian Foreign Ministry.

On Saturday the Ministry posted to its Facebook page an audio file which claimed to contain the audio file for the new automated telephone switchboard for Russian embassies.

It offered the typical menu of options for callers, stating, in both Russian and English, “To arrange a call from a Russian diplomat to your political opponent, press 1. Press 2 “to use the services of Russian hackers,” and 3 “to request election interference.”

The Associated Press confirmed with an unnamed ministry duty officer that it was an official joke.  Democrat representatives reportedly responded, “‘What means joke” and called for an immediate investigation, having secured this airtight new “evidence.” Not really, Facebook censors and other leftist morons – relax, I was just kidding about the Dem response.

If you hate those text to voice recordings as much as I do, start the video at the :14 second mark.


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