Russian Ambassador Kislyak Met With Obama White House 22 Times – Dems Silent

russian ambassador

russian ambassador

There’s a lot of extreme, disingenuous hand-wringing among the hyperventilating Democrats over the two instances in which Senator Jeff Sessions spoke with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Once was in a large reception after a speech and on another occasion they met in the Senator’s DC office, with two non-partisan military aides always present.


That’s part of what Ambassadors do, they meet with officials of their host country. Engaging with ambassadors is also what Senators do from time to time. That’s particularly true of those dealing with international affairs, such as then-Senator Sessions, who sat on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Meeting with ambassadors is also something that representatives of the also White House do, including with Russian ambassadors. The visitor logs from the Obama White House indicate that the “master spy,” as CNN reports him to be, who the Democrats used to get General Flynn fired and forced a recusal by Attorney General Sessions, also was a frequent guest of the White House. Oddly, neither Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi has mentioned it. Maybe their leakers are focused on other things.

Ambassador Kislyak appears in the guest logs 22 times for events of 38 people or less, most of which were booked as groups of approximately five people. Those who don’t show up are not removed from the list so it’s entirely possible that their names were added to provide cover and that Kislyak was alone at the time.


Of course no Democrat would ever have suggested it was improper for Hussein Obama and his minions to meet with a Russian or to do anything else for that matter. Emperors simply do as they please and are not to be questions. Still, the double standard is unmistakable.

The Daily Caller reports that the most recent appearance by Kislyak, according to the logs, was in September of 2016, well after the supposed “hackings” had become a campaign issue. Blaming Russia diverted attention from Clinton’s sloppy, irresponsible, reckless and often criminal open book cyber “security” policies. One of the most effective methods of untraceable international diplomatic communications ever devised was the Tellaclinton, but the Trump team played no role in its development.

If the same filter of groups of 38 or less is applied to Attorney General Sessions, the public event at the Republican National Convention is discounted and there is only the one meeting, with two non-political military aides in attendance, in which no campaign issues were discussed.


That’s one instance versus twenty-two when he met with White House staff. There could easily have been private Obama regime meetings that were not publicly recorded and which were kept hidden from the American people. We have already heard Obama promising to be more flexible after his 2012 election when he thought his microphone was off. Flexibility in the context of that promise meant less restricted by the will of the American people or concerns over their disapproval. We know he interfered, using American tax dollars, in the 2015 Israeli elections, in Egypt on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood, and elsewhere. Who are more likely villains in all of this than Obama, Clinton and Soros?

Just what are the Democrats so livid about? Clinton lost; they rigged the election and she still lost, taking their plans for conquest down the drain with her. They don’t care about America and they despise our Constitution as an obstruction. They want power and they’ll do whatever it takes to regain it. It’s not about America, it’s a matter of their control over America and the transformation of our system of government into their global UN order. That is why they won’t accept their loss and why they are engaging in a soft coup. For them, America as we know it does not legitimately exist. It is a worn out facade that has outlived its usefulness. They see us as what they intend to transform us into and are working under that framework.

They were on the brink of successfully destroying this nation and are attempting to regain that position and to finish us off. They are concerned for the future of America only to the extent that their fundamental transformation will be completed and our nation destroyed.



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