Russia Hoax Served It’s Purpose – Inserted HANGING JUDGE MUELLER Into Obstruction Probe

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Those crackling sounds you hear are various joints in Jeffrey Toobin’s arms and shoulders popping as he pats himself furiously on the back for what a good boy he is, so wise to have predicted the Democrats were setting a trap for President Trump. Nobody else saw that one coming, Toobin, you’re amazing.

Anderson Cooper asks the empty-headed CNN Fake News “expert,” How big a deal is this legally for the President of the United States, that he is now the subject of an FBI investigation into obstruction of justice?

Toobin replies, “Well, Anderson, it’s a huge deal and I don’t hate to tell you that I told you so. I  mean when you listen to James Comey’s testimony about how the President tried to get him to drop the investigation, and then you see that he fired Comey when he didn’t drop the investigation, that is evidence of obstruction of justice.” No it’s not. Comey serves at the pleasure of the President, and the President was not pleased with his service. That’s all you or any of the rest of us need to know and all the justification the President needs.

According to Toobin’s tortured logic, Comey was basically invincible once he turned Trump down on his supposed request. From that point on, no matter what he did after that, if he was fired for anything, even loading up the Resolute desk in an organic manner as Cooper had recently suggested, Trump would be guilty of obstruction if he fired him. Toobin’s an idiot.

A much more respected legal mind, that of Alan Dershowitz, disagrees, stating that a President is incapable of obstruction of justice under the Constitution because he has full dominion over the Department of Justice. Ultimately if he says let someone off,  even up to and including a pardon, it’s his call, his prerogative, and there is no crime.

Toobin then demonstrates why he’s a CNN favorite, wandering off into the weeds combining “the facts” of the he said, he said between Trump and Comey, with some alleged conversations. There you have it, open and shut case as far as he’s concerned. Somebody get a rope. This guy would never make a first appearance on any other network but he’s a go-to guy, just like his fellow drivel meister, David Gergen, who’s also in a box, ready to shower the President with his inane smears and expertise.

Making his purpose for being on the show more blatant as simply to level accusations, he then set about recanting everything he just said, casting it instead as a reason for merely investigating obstruction of justice. What was the victory lap for, Toobin?

He continues backing off all of his statements, saying, “doesn’t mean that Trump is guilty, doesn’t mean there’s going to be an indictment or impeachment or anything like that, but there is clearly evidence that justifies an investigation. So, having said that, it’s nothing more than a pretext to assert the position that an investigation into obstruction of justice alleged by the best friend of the special prosecutor, when it was originally supposed to be into the non-existent Russia collusion is appropriate.

It’s not appropriate, Toobin, it’s a fishing expedition that is part of a targeted witch hunt, as you and all of your fellow panelist over there at CNN Fake News are fully aware.

Toobin wraps up by commending the Washington Post for their “scoop.” Yeah, this whole investigation is one big scoop, a shovel full. Here’s another scoop for you Toobin. Mueller and his establishment deep state comrades are committing treason and we’re gonna get em. Pat yourself on the back when that one comes true.

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3 Comments on Russia Hoax Served It’s Purpose – Inserted HANGING JUDGE MUELLER Into Obstruction Probe

  1. So when spoken by a Democrat, rumours and innuendo become Clear Evidence?
    On that basis, a blatant lie is proof positive.
    FFS. Is everyone in DC on acid?

  2. Good one, Rick. Not only are these guys dishonest, they are really dumb.

  3. TONYA PARNELL // June 15, 2017 at 4:39 pm // Reply

    Republicans need to turn the tables on these idiots by going after the sponsors. CNN should not be allowed to exist

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