Russia Fed Up – FM Spokeswoman Warns CNN “Stop The Lies And False News”

cnn russia false news


The arrogant studio bobble-head news readers at CNN dismissed the warning by the Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova for their similarity to those made by President Trump. They insinuate that there’s a connection, as they have since the election, that there is collusion between Russia and the President because both are capable of recognizing lies when they see them and both see them constantly on CNN.

The CNN propagandists were awaiting the House Hag, Nancy Pelosi to come out and rail against the Attorney General and beat the Russia election meddling drum as she attacked the administration. While they had a little time to kill, they decided it was a good time to chat it up with their international reporter, Matthew Chance. Included for reasons that soon become obvious in their introduction of him were accusations that the Russian Ambassador is really a “master spy.”

The international propagandist, Matthew Chance, had just completed an interview with Maria Zakharova and he first gave some information from that exchange, saying, “She and other Russian officials are not happy at all with the way this political situation is developing in the United States, the ‘toxic hysteria’ is what they’re calling it, the idea that Russia intervened in some way in the US elections, they’re rejecting that of course.”

He continues, saying, “Specifically, the Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, pushed back strongly on the idea that the Russian Ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak, was in any way related to espionage.” He then plays a clip in which the spokeswoman defends the Ambassador as a respected diplomat who has been communicating in various areas with his American counterparts for decades.

She continued, “And CNN accused him of being a Russian Spy, (which they had just done again in the intro) recruiting…The CNN propagandist attempts to deflect saying it was US officials, although the US officials aren’t the ones in the studios reading the scripts. She’s had enough of their nonsense, saying, ‘Come on, stop, stop spreading lie and false news. This is good advice for CNN.”

The propagandist completely ignores her advice, chasing after her asking, “Are you concerned that the investigations into Russia are going to turn up more secret meetings?” She reiterates, “Please stop spreading lie and false news,” and walks away.

The propagandist remarks to his comrades in the studio, “‘Stop spreading lies and false news,’ it’s a refrain we’ve heard elsewhere and we’re hearing it now repeatedly from Russian officials as well.” The bobble-heads then go through a brief session of patting themselves on the back. They dismiss completely the reality that the reason they are hearing the same sentiments from both governments is because both governments actually are tired of the lies. Both governments surely recognize the motivation for it comes from their common enemy, Obama and the globalists.

They lost the election so they’re attempting to steal the government by orchestrating a soft coup, at least it’s soft for now.

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