Russia Expert – Trump Putin Formed Courageous Partnership, Will Be Viciously Attacked

carlson cohen

Tucker Carlson points out just how badly the press wants the meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin to fail, asking Stephen Cohen, a Russia Studies Professor at NYU and Princeton why that is so. Cohen compares the media political product to pornography.

He notes that there is no love in pornography and similarly there is no American national interest in this bashing of Trump and Putin. He says, “As a historian, let me tell you the headline I would write, ‘Potentially Historic New Detente Anti-Cold War Partnership Begun by Trump and Putin but Meanwhile Attempts to Sabotage it Escalate.'”

Cohen refers to Carlson labeling him as an expert, he says, “I actually do have one expertise, I’ve seen a lot of summits, as we call meetings between American and Russian presidents.” Against a background of having been at Camp David for summit prep for Bush 41’s Malta meeting with Gorbachev Cohen calls the Trump – Putin meeting “potentially the most fateful meeting between and American and Russian President since the wartime.”

Cohen continues, “The reason is that the relationship with Russia is so dangerous and yet we have a President who might have been crippled or cowed by the Russiagate attacks on him. And yet he was not. He was, I think, politically courageous, it went well, they did important things.”

” And this will be astonishing to be said, I know,” notes Cohen, “but I think maybe today we witnessed President Trump emerging as an American statesman.” I think it was a very good day for everybody. Carlson asks how much of the attacks on Russia from the foreign policy establishment, the Democrats, even some Republicans, “How much do they really have to do with Iran and Russia’s alliance with Iran and Syria?”

Cohen replies, “I think a lot,” noting that there are three major actors, Putin, Trump and Assad that are being demonized in America. He says the two leaders spent the bulk of their time attacking terrorism and formed an alliance which means we will side with Russia, at least in the short term, with Assad. That’s not going to go over well in Washington.

Carlson asks why there is so much anger directed at Assad, a question that Professor Cohen doesn’t have an answer for. He speculates that when the Syrian civil war started five or six years ago, everybody was in there arming somebody, that there are a lot of dirty hands, including American.

He points out that “Assad has always been the protector of the Jews, Christians and non-jihadist Islamic population in Syria at a time when the main threat there, the Islamic State, ISIS , chops off the heads of these people. It would seem to me that we should stick with Assad until we defeat these people.”

He calls attention to something the two Presidents following their meeting, “We’re meeting, we have agreed and we promise positive things to come. In other words, they have formed a political partnership and now it goes forward. But it will be viciously attacked, and already is.”

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