Russia Collusion? – Podesta Intimately Involved With Putin Company, Clinton In Circle

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Information is coming to light or at a minimum new attention is being given to a relationship between Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman John Podesta and Rusnano, a state-run company that was founded by Russian President Vladimir Putin. How is it that the House Intelligence Committee, FBI Director Comey, Hillary Clinton’s close friend Dianne Feinstein and the Fake News charlatans like Mika Brzezinski and Andrea Mitchell missed it? Don’t they have pizza at the Podesta’s regularly?

The Daily Caller reports that Podesta first crossed paths with the Russian company in 2011 as “a member of the boards and executive committee of three related entities: Boston-based Joule Unlimited; Rotterdam-based Joule Global Holdings; Joule Global Stichting, the company’s controlling interest.” They are all high-tech renewable energy enterprises, amazingly the same direction that Obama, Kerry, Clinton and the other Democrat pillagers were driving our nation to use. They were clearly colluding with other globalists through the UN and elsewhere to get filthy rich, with or without the Putin connection.

It was an insane move on their part for Clinton and her fellow crooks to beat the dead horse over the non-existent collusion between Russia and Trump, particularly in light of what is now going to be exposed about them.

The DC reports that “Three months after Podesta’s arrival, Joule Unlimited accepted a 1 billion ruble investment from Rusnano, amounting to $35 million in U.S. currency. The firm also awarded a Joule board seat in February 2012 to Anatoly Chubais, Rusnano’s CEO, who has been depicted as a corrupt figure.”

Among other “difficulties” this corrupt little man may have to deal with is his failure to report his 2011 Joule stock vesting agreement in his government financial disclosure form when he joined the Obama regime in 2014. He also neglected to disclose 75,000 common shares of Joule stock he received, which was part of the 2016 WikiLeaks drops.

Rep Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is calling for an investigation into Podesta’s Russian ties, just to be fair. He said, “this certainly needs to be reviewed to see if there really is something nefarious going on with these activities.”

A separate federal lawsuit, Neas Ltd, v. Rusnano, which is now before the U.S. District Court for Northern California, “suggests Podesta and others at Joule may have unwittingly assisted Rusnano in a scheme hatched to move billions of weak rubles into valuable U.S. dollars by parking them as “investments” in high-tech companies in Boston and in Silicon Valley.”

The Daily Caller article goes into considerable detail outlining others who are believed to be involved with organized crime and other questionable enterprises, who are allied with both Putin circles and Clinton circles. Much of it has been known since the latter part of the election, so it’s interesting that no criminal charges were filed against Clinton, no investigation into Podesta or his brother for their many suspicious connections, and nothing into the associations between Clinton, Obama, Putin and unsavory characters in Russia or affiliated with Russia. Rep Gohmert says he’s going to make sure that happens. We’ll see.

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4 Comments on Russia Collusion? – Podesta Intimately Involved With Putin Company, Clinton In Circle

  1. HowardMacKinnon // March 23, 2017 at 9:58 am // Reply

    Will never understand how these criminals get a pass year after year. Let us pray Comey is not in charge of the investigation.

  2. prosecute clinton, obama and podesta…and most of the crooked demo-crats leadership….these traitors belong in jail or hang them from lamp posts….that would look great

  3. Question: How does the “Clinton Machine” and associates get away with, in fact, involvement with Russian energy companies? To the point where the Director of the FBI and others seemingly “miss” said involvement?
    Answer: The latter is in some way reaping a benefit from “missing” said involvement. In other words, they are as culpable as the actual actors. Adding to that, they are trying to pin similar involvement with Russian banks. I smell treason as though it was bacon on a campfire and the smoke from the bacon was pumped directly to my nostrils. I still believe that Pres. Trump needs to solidify his base and get his administration fully manned with true patriots. And only then start working quietly to remove the individuals that are causing him problems.


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