Rush Limbaugh Parody Of Gov Beshear Typical Unprincipled Democrat Response

rush linbaugh beshear


Former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear proclaimed he’s mostly American, at least 51% we can be sure. He declared himself to be both Republican and the Democrat he was for his entire political career. It’s understandable how he’d want to hedge his bets these days, given the condition of his party.

The mostly American Beshear was talking about is probably the Republican part of him, the rest is what is stuck languishing in loyalty to his investment of time and contacts within what has evolved into the leftist anti-American Democrats. Then again, prior to the arrival of President Trump, it often was hard to tell the difference in the uniparty system. It could be he’s still struggling with those issues.

While hedging his bets is probably a good idea it’s confusing. It is, however, consistent with the way things are done in the Democrat Party. Consider how they’ve given people the ability to non-surgically alter their sex through a simple declaration and made it legally enforceable. Men who dressed up like women used to be funny but nobody’s laughing anymore. Laughing could get you charged with a hate crime. That’s a woman, ignore her beard.

The same type of inconsistencies are present in their supposed opposition to racism as they support black supremacy organizations like Black Lives Matter and the NAACP. They blame the victims of their violence, such as they did and continue to do with Trump supporters who were attacked in riots while heralding their attackers as somehow being against hate and violence. They whine about discrimination against them as they engaged in “Affirmative action” discrimination against white men for decades.

Beshear is merely doing what Democrats do, taking both sides of the issue in naked, blatant hypocrisy. He throws us a little of that good old, down home, country redneck charm in for good measure. Beshear tells us he grew up in what would, in a less politically correct era, be referred to as a “little hick town” called Dawson Springs. It’s honest and folksy, not at what all what the Democrats have become. Another Mr. Drucker is the perfect antidote to the “get the job done” approach of our President. We can trust that this [insert gender identity, whether oppressive cracker or victim, and party here] is looking out for us and his party will do their best to keep us from working our way out of this mess..

Rush Limbaugh had another take on the speech, or chat from the uniparty Democrat, and nailed it.

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