Rosenstein Promises Blind Justice For Leakers – What About Hillary Clinton?

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Deputy Attorney General Rod “Rodentstein” Rosenstein was a guest on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and was asked a question about prosecuting leakers.

Wallace characterized the perpetrators as not being the deep state, diminishing and demeaning that characterization in the process, “the faceless bureaucrats inside intelligence agencies.” He says, “They are White House officials, they are members of Congress. If you find any of them have committed these leaks, have disclosed classified information, will you prosecute?”

Rosenstein does the typical tap dance of officials wanting to be on television but not wanting to provide too much useful information, most particularly the kind of thing that could force them to actually do their job by painting themselves into a corner.

He responds, saying, “Chris, what we need to look at in every leak referral we get we look at the facts and circumstances. What was the potential harm caused by the leak, what were the circumstances, that’s more important to us than who it is, who is the leaker. So if we identify somebody, no matter what their position is, if they violated the law and that case warrants prosecution we’ll prosecute it.”

That’s great news, Mr. Deputy AG, have you ever heard of a woman named Hillary Clinton? She’s leaked more classified information than anyone, violated every law in the book countless times and endangered America more than any other single individual. Are you planning on prosecuting her with that mountain of evidence you’re holding in your computers and storage facilities?

Wallace clarifies, asking if that includes “White House officials and members of Congress.” Rosenstein replies, “Including anybody who breaks the law.”

It’s statements like that that are the basis for all of the hedging and evasiveness by officials on responses. Clearly he should, by that standard, be impaneling a grand jury to send Hillary Clinton to prison for life or to possibly execute her. Yet there’s been no indication that she’s not going to benefit from a continuation of the double standard she was granted by Obama, Lynch and Comey under the Trump administration and AG Sessions.

Prosecuting the leakers is a wonderful thing, but don’t forget about the biggest fish that is currently on the line, with the hook firmly implanted in her cheek, ready to be reeled in for grilling. The commitment was made. We won’t let you wiggle out of it so easily. You don’t care who it is – you said it goes for anybody who breaks the law. Remember that Rodentstein, we will.

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5 Comments on Rosenstein Promises Blind Justice For Leakers – What About Hillary Clinton?

  1. Kelleigh Nelson // August 9, 2017 at 11:38 am // Reply

    I’m with you, I’m not ready to throw in the towel on Sessions, but I really want Rosenstein, McCabe, McMaster and his whole gang including Dina Habib Powell, and several other ones out of this administration. I know blood is thicker than water, but Ivanka and Jared would do well to take their 3 children and go back to NY. They are not wise advisers. As for Pence, bet me something will eventually come out about that establishment insider. I have never trusted him and never will, he wants to be President so bad he can taste it.

  2. We’ll wait this one out and see who is “full of “it”! lmbo!

  3. I watched this on YouTube. Love your take on it, all I saw was a lying piece of trash. Proof positive they’re going to prosecute criminals. Hang onto that video, you may need it.

  4. Kelleigh Nelson // August 7, 2017 at 7:53 pm // Reply

    You think I’d trust this guy to prosecute? Nope, not when he appointed his good buddy Mueller to destroy Trump, this Deep State ass should have been fired long ago, along with McCabe and Mueller, and add McMaster and his hires to that as well. The entire DOJ needs to be swept clean, as well as the NSA

  5. Hadenoughalready // August 7, 2017 at 7:44 pm // Reply

    Did he mean “blind justice” or did he mean “blind TO justice”? Me thinks Lady Justice has a Swiss bank account…

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