After Rosenstein Plants Mueller, ACLU Now Pushing Congressional Public Hearings

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For anyone who might have been naive enough to think this “Special Prosecutor scam” was a real investigation into potentially real wrongdoing, perhaps this email just sent out by the ACLU will wake you up.

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, this supposed apolitical man of integrity, just planted an establishment controller into the system with the legal authority to eliminate our President. He did so approximately three weeks after being confirmed and a week after recommending the firing of James Comey that provided him the pretext for doing so. All of the Washington talking heads claim Rosenstein is above reproach – maybe he is, maybe he isn’t.

It does not appear he shares the same vision for America as the people who voted President Trump into office. Rosenstein promised slime ball Chuck Schumer he’d be a good boy in a private meeting stating “he would appoint a special counsel to conduct that investigation if one is required.” He didn’t say “if required” by whom or if that was a guarantee if it was “required” as a condition of Democrat support.

Rosenstein is part of the new reality that is the personnel entering and leading the Trump administration have a different agenda, don’t share the beliefs of the President and are determined to undermine the will of the American people who elected him. The swamp is not being drained, new settlements are being built, it’s expanding.

While President Trump is the public face of the attacks, the individual that is being targeted, we the people will ultimately pay the price for the America-haters’ success in thwarting what is, in fact, our agenda that was adopted by Mr. Trump.

The ACLU understands what’s going on, they’re impacting it and are moving on to the next phase of destroying the Trump Presidency, Congressional public hearings. They made the announcement and a call for action in a Friday email titled, ” We have a special prosecutor – here’s what’s next.” The ACLU stated:

This is a positive step: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has appointed a special prosecutor, former FBI director Robert S. Mueller III, to conduct an independent inquiry into Russian interference in our 2016 election and possible Trump campaign collusion.

Now let’s take the next step – we need Congress to convene a select committee to guarantee a public report.

Why do we need a select congressional committee? The special prosecutor’s investigation will unfold behind the scenes, without the public airing this issue needs.

To restore our democracy’s credibility we need hearings and testimony and reports – all public. And only a special select committee of Congress can provide that.

Send a message to your representatives to call for a select committee. We the people have a right to know the truth about threats to our democracy.

Calling for a special select committee isn’t new. In 1973 the Senate established the Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities – otherwise known as the Senate Watergate Committee.

That’s the moment we’re in now. The American people need a public accounting of what really happened in our 2016 election. The integrity of our vote, our government, and our democracy is at stake.

Take action now – tell Congress we must have a special committee to ask our questions and demand answers for all of us to hear.

Thanks for speaking truth to power,

the ACLU Action team

They’re, of course, lying about the motivation for their email. The credibility of our government is undermined by what they’re doing, the spectacle of non-stop hearings and incessant accusations of wrongdoing. The truth doesn’t matter at that point, it’s the perception of criminality.

A paragraph within an ACLU page linked on the email reads, “Now take the next step: We need Congress to convene a special select committee – like the Senate Watergate Committee – to guarantee public hearings, testimony, and reports while the special prosecutor investigation unfolds behind the scenes. Raise your voice to keep up the pressure – send a message to your representatives now”

They’re after the President and the spectacle is an important part of their scheme. The erosion of deplorables from the Trump administration is only going to make their chances of success that much greater.

Mr. President, remember who we are and who you are. Just say “No” to establishment authoritarianism. Tell us what’s going on behind the scenes. We’re with you, we’ll stand behind you, but we can’t do it if we aren’t allowed to help. It’s our fight as much as it is yours.

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6 Comments on After Rosenstein Plants Mueller, ACLU Now Pushing Congressional Public Hearings

  1. Twitter is going to become the new media as Trump will constantly need to twitter the reality of events while the career politicians seek to play political assassination. The Trump answer is in deals like he just culminated in Saudi, now he needs to have another positive deal with Israel. If Trump provides economic growth and $$$ into the marketplace the American public will start ignoring the political games of the left, nothing says success like actual success which will (sorry for it) trump politics.

  2. For me, Trump started doing the old DC 2 step too quickly after the election, filling the swamp with more globalist gators, indicating he will back off some campaign issues, so I am less than optimistic.

  3. Deplorable Doctor // May 20, 2017 at 9:02 pm // Reply

    Now, I want a Special Prosecutor appointed to solve the Murders of DNC’s Seth Rich and Judge Scalia! I want to be certain it was or was not the Clintons and the DNC that had Seth and the Judge Murdered!

  4. It feels like he’s become overwhelmed with information and is unable to spend enough time on some critical matters. His plate needs to be cleared so he can spend some time looking at what he’s surrounded himself with.

  5. CARLOS DESOUZA // May 20, 2017 at 12:16 pm // Reply

    Sad state of affairs. Very SAD. The ONLY thing that remains to be figured out IS whether Trump himself is complicit in ALL this. After all, Rosenstein is his appointee. And, now it appears, Lieberman is his front runner for FBI chief.

    Any analysis on whether Trump is COMPLICIT or just politically NAIVE ?? Rick, a few words would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • I don’t think he’s naive, Carlos – either we were duped or he’s playing the game the best he can and it will make sense to us later – but we’re not, in my estimation, getting what we were promised by any stretch and there is now a mechanism in place, regardless of who put it there, the “good guys” or the bad guys to make sure it doesn’t happen. I’ll say the jury’s still out but he could make a statement to the American people any he time he wanted an put all of this nonsense to rest- bypass the scumbags, the swamp and he’s not. That’s not a good sign. He’s not naive, though, and he’s got lots of advisers, probably too many of the wrong kind.

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