Rosenstein – DOJ Has Process To Deal With Mueller Conflicts, Just Not Using It

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Perhaps Deputy Attorney General Rod “Rodentstein” Rosenstein is attempting to do some damage control, to diffuse the situation that he created by hiring a political hit man as a prosecutor whose primary purpose is to force President Trump from office.

Maybe he’s been just a bit too obvious, Mueller too partisan, in choosing his army of political assassins and now things are getting too hot. Deputy AG Rosenstein sat down for an interview with Martha MacCallum that will air Wednesday and clearly seems to be focused on saving the witch hunt bacon.

In it he pledged to do what he already should have done long ago if what occurred then should happen to come to place. In other words, he’s stalling, obstructing and covering up for his top witch hunter, Robert Mueller.

Rosenstein promised to take action if anything inappropriate occurs, but his own actions were inappropriate in appointing Mueller. Since his appointment virtually every hire and action that Mueller has made, as well as his relationship to the chief witness and major complainant, James Comey, can be considered evidence and grounds for him to recuse himself or, lacking sufficient integrity on his part, for him to be removed.

Mueller has hired at least seven Democrat donors for his Trump hit squad. One of them, James Quarles, has donated $34,000 to Democrats. The Daily Caller reported that “President Trump previously told Fox News, ‘I can say that the people that have been hired are all Hillary Clinton supporters. Some of them worked for Hillary Clinton. I mean the whole thing is ridiculous, if you want to know the truth, from that standpoint.'”

MacCallum asked Rosenstein about that point, whether the hirings bother him. Rodentstein responded with the typical vague non-answer that indicates nothing is going to change if he can protect the status quo, deflect enough attention away from his and Mueller’s hands in the cookie jar.

No such thing as obvious conflict of interest to Rosenstein

He indicates his belief that there is no such thing as actionable evidence of a conflict of interest in advance of judicial or investigative proceedings, saying he, and the DOJ, judge “by results and so my view about that is, we’ll see if they do the right thing.”

So if there were a judge whose son is charged with murder and that hypothetical judge were set to hear the case, Rosenstein, under the parameters he just set out for Comey’s homey Mueller, would not expect him to recuse himself. That trial could continue and if he found his son to be not guilty they might take a look at it then. The conflict already exists and the fact that Rodentstein is making excuses to allow it to continue exposes his own lack of objectivity and integrity.

MacCallum asked Rosenstein about the close personal friendship and professional relationship between Comey and Mueller, something that President Trump described as being “very bothersome.” As if to say, “He’s a hanging judge, it’s a witch hunt, what possible difference could it make,” Rosenstein replied to her question as to whether their friendship gave him “any pause.”

“If conflicts arose” Rosenstein promises they’d invoke “The Process

Rosenstein engaged in the familiar establishment hack doublespeak, saying, “I’ve got to explain that I made the decision to appoint Director Mueller based upon his reputation. He had an excellent reputation. Really bipartisan support for his integrity. That’s why I made that decision. But, I can assure you that if there were conflicts that arose, because of Director Mueller or anybody employed by Director Mueller, we have a process within the department to take care of that.”

Open your eyes, rat boy, the conflicts are everywhere. Mueller is conflicted with yourself and Comey and virtually all of his hires are strongly anti-Trump, pro-Clinton, establishment globalist types who can’t wait to do their part to oust the President.

Whatever those processes are, a question that should have been asked as part of this interview, is if it’s time they or something more effective was brought into play because there is no objectivity to this persecution, this probe into nothing in search of anything to support a criminal charge of any kind.

Another question for Rodentstein – Does that internal DOJ process also include those appointing Mueller, to take care of their conflicts? Shouldn’t you also be resigning right along with him?


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8 Comments on Rosenstein – DOJ Has Process To Deal With Mueller Conflicts, Just Not Using It

  1. HowardMacKinnon // July 20, 2017 at 6:41 pm // Reply

    Someone needs to establish an end date for this investigation. The immense cost to tax payers must stop in a reasonable time frame.

  2. Trump needs to Fire all of them, starting with Sessions! I liked Sessions but feel he is no more of a spineless political hack out to watch his own back, and wants nothing to do with pissing off these deep state Criminals! Worm. Sooner Trump replaces him the better! Way to important a position to DRAIN THUS SWAMP! He actually double crossed TRUMP!

  3. Freddie Arthur Hisle // July 20, 2017 at 12:04 pm // Reply

    President Trump needs to fire all of the Lying AssHoles through AG Sessions. Do it now, be done with it, and let Sessions pick his own Assistant.

  4. Artiewhitfox // July 20, 2017 at 11:05 am // Reply

    Wizards, warlock, witches and sorcerers are against trump concocting something in their black caldron to unseat Trump. What is concocted by Devil possessed people will fall back on their own heads. Devils are not smart. The imaginary foundation that they are building on will not support what they are saying against Trump. That which they build will most certainty come crashing down.

  5. Yes! Rosenstein and Mueller should BOTH resign, or be taken out of service. They’re crooked, evil little Communists who want to see our President impeached! They have NO CAUSE for any of this. Wish we could just walk in there and fire them, but not in our power, darn.

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