Rosenstein Coup – Pressed Trump To Fire Comey, Chose Special Prosecutor Targeting Trump

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Nobody with an ounce of common sense or discernment believes anything the Democrats say, let alone their supposed patriotic or other distorted claims for wanting a Special Prosecutor to go after President Trump. Clearly there are illicit motives for what they do, and they would naturally want to position people who would provide them with their preferred outcome, operatives they can count on, in key positions. Two individuals were critical in wresting power away from the White House, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller.

The only thing we know for sure is that things are likely not as they seem. President Trump could have been baited into firing Comey, and the same individual who recommended his firing, Rosenstein, is also the supposed “independent” who opted to place Mueller into power.

Under normal circumstances the President, Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, FBI Director and his Deputy would have had the ability to review documents, pursue investigations and perform the normal functions of their positions. Normal does not exist in the Trump DOJ and FBI. Those functions could and should have included investigations into the wrongdoing of the Clinton / Obama cabal and the suspicious misbehavior of the dubious James Comey. Oddly, No investigation into the blatant criminality of the previous administration is known to be or have been conducted and it just became more unlikely.

With the appointment of a Special Prosecutor, manpower and jurisdiction of a portion of the FBI has been removed from under the Trump administration. Deep state agents or representatives of Obama’s FBI Director and Comey ally Robert Mueller need only claim that documents are potentially relevant to their investigation and they effectively become their property, moved to the vault that is Mueller’s office. They are no longer available to the FBI at large, according to an explanation put forward by Judge Andrew Napolitano. Those agents also no longer report to anyone other than Mueller. The fracturing of the FBI and the protection of the Obama loyalists has been accomplished. It is a house divided with separate leadership.

Rosenstein Could Have Acted on Behalf of the Deep State to Urge Trump to Remove the Vulnerable Comey

So it is possible that the decision was made to remove Comey as a potential vulnerability by the deep state or that they seized upon a fortuitous development. Once their man on the inside, James Comey, was eliminated by the actions of President Trump, with Rosenstein’s urging, he realistically could not be compelled to cooperate. Comey would only agree to testify in a public setting, one in which he could argue that the public setting prohibited him from discussing anything damaging to himself or his allies.

As Napolitano explains it, the entire case, “everything that they’ve accumulated, both intelligence and criminal, is now put in an office with Bob Mueller and his team. And it may be the very same investigators that worked under Andrew McCabe in the past week and a half and under Jim Comey.”

Martha MacCallum clarifies, saying, “Right, but they will never again answer to Andrew McCabe or whoever ends up running the FBI. They will go directly to Mueller.” Napolitano replies, “Correct, and they won’t answer, we know, to Jeff Sessions and they won’t answer to Rod Rosenstein, and they certainly won’t answer to the White House.”

The FBI now has a potentially lethal parasite residing within that has the ability to confiscate documents that the criminal perpetrators within the government are aware exist and those conducting investigations likely are not.  It’s similar to the way Comey supposedly knew of the existence of his memos but no one within the administration had any idea. Potentially damaging documents can be removed and secreted away, “as part of the Russia investigation,” without the public ever knowing they existed, never to see the light of day or public scrutiny.

What if James Comey Secretly held documents from an investigation into the Obama Identity fraud?

What if someone within the FBI, say perhaps James Comey, had ordered an investigation into the identification record fraud of Hussein Obama? It could have been conducted off the record, and those secret documents been used as protection, or for extortion, J. Edgar Hoover style.

That could help to explain how he was able to stand up to Hillary Clinton and why there was such a frenzy to have him replaced as quickly as possible by an establishment loyalist. Loose ends of that nature may have been tied up with the appointment of Mueller, who is now arguably the most powerful man in government.

Then again they could just be going after President Trump in the manner we see at face value. Either way their coup is moving along nicely for the evil America-haters. The power is gradually being sucked out of the presidency in advance of their planned actual physical removal of Mr. Trump from the White House.

No Republicans are lifting a finger or raising a voice in defense of our President, the man we elected to save this nation. We citizens no longer control this government. It is the habitat of a Congress of cowering dogs with their tails between their legs, deathly afraid that the investigators or intelligence agencies would look their way .

She said she was 18, right Senator? You say you thought he was a girl at the time, Congressman? Mistakes can happen. We thought you were men and you turned out to be nothing but scared mice and swamp rats.

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