Was Romney Spied On By Obama In 2012 Or Did He Really Choke?

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If he wasn’t just a stooge playing a role in a predetermined theatrical presentation, and that’s a pretty big “if,” Mitt Romney might be wondering right about now if there’s a chance that he too was spied upon in 2012 by Hussein Obama and if so what role it played in his defeat. Maybe he already knows he was, the result of a subsequent blackmail that was conducted against him.

President Trump and others have beat the drum of how Romney choked in the last month, but there’s never been any real explanation offered as to why. If Obama was willing to run an illegal wiretap on President Trump, who was supposedly doomed from the beginning, why wouldn’t he attempt the same thing with a “serious candidate” who had the support of the GOP like Romney?

In the speech in the video below, candidate Trump is telling his audience about Mitt Romney choking and how he disappeared during the last month of the campaign. Trump said, “He let us down, something happened to him, he let us down. The last month he choked, he choked. Like a golfer he can’t sink that last putt.” Trump then does an impersonation of a golfer, or Mitt Romney, choking.

He continued, “Something happened to him. That was an election that should have been won. He said he backed McCain and “he didn’t make it at all. We then backed Romney, something happened to him in the end. He stayed in his cabin and, I don’t know, he was building a garage for cars. Did you see that? He was building like this garage for his luxury cars. He’s supposed to be running for office, he’s got one month.”

Was he spied upon and then told to go hide in his garage? He’d been running for president since 2008, so it’s not likely that he just lost interest in the home stretch. It’s also not credible from his involvement in the 2016 campaign to believe he’d lost interest. There’s probably something more to the story.

We saw how the Democrats play their blackmail game with the Billy Bush “Access Hollywood” video and all of the mystery women who suddenly crawled out from under the woodwork to make sexual accusations against Mr. Trump. They sat on their “evidence,” waiting until the time was  right to spring their trap.

Was that time right at the end of September 2012? Was Mitt Romney’s garage really so important that it couldn’t wait until he finished up the campaign for President?

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