Romney Goes Full Anti-White Racist In Attacks On President Trump

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Some of us might have forgotten over time why we have grown to so vehemently loathe Mitt Romney. Others might have been willing to give the elitist establishment trash another chance since President Trump had attempted to patch things up by “considering” him for the Secretary of State position.

Romney reminded us himself why we detest him and once again demonstrated that he’s not one of us in so many ways aside from his bank accounts, investments and real estate portfolios. He’s globalist Democrat through and through and he’s given up trying to hide it from us.

Traitor Mitt issued a statement that sounds as if it could have been written for him by Obamabot Ben Rhodes or maybe Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling [a guess, admittedly I’ve never read her fiction], lame, philosophical Fantasyland drivel. Earlier today Romney posted the following statement on Facebook:

“I will dispense for now from discussion of the moral character of the president’s Charlottesville statements. Whether he intended to or not, what he communicated caused racists to rejoice, minorities to weep, and the vast heart of America to mourn.”

Romney left out how he’s caused our stomachs to turn with his sickening, weak attempts at being as he provides encouragement and emboldens the enemies of our nation, his comrades. It’s the non-white racists who are rejoicing. They’re in league with turncoats like Pontius Pilate Romney, attacking our President for being a fair man who doesn’t prejudge. How dare he.

Romney continued, “His apologists strain to explain that he didn’t mean what we heard. But what we heard is now the reality [they’ve repeated the lie a sufficient number of times], and unless it is addressed by the president as such, with unprecedented candor and strength, there may commence an unraveling of our national fabric.” Romney must have missed the last 8 years, including his failed run for president – Our national fabric has been unraveling, by design, for quite some time now.

Piggy-backing on the rants of anti-white racists and globalist Democrats, Romney said, “The leaders of our branches of military service have spoken immediately and forcefully, repudiating the implications of the president’s words. Why? In part because the morale and commitment of our forces–made up and sustained by men and women of all races–could be in the balance. Our allies around the world are stunned and our enemies celebrate; America’s ability to help secure a peaceful and prosperous world is diminished. And who would want to come to the aid of a country they perceive as racist if ever the need were to arise, as it did after 9/11?” They’re likely stunned at the level of open treason and dishonesty of the left, of which Romney is a part, if anything.

“In homes across the nation,” he wrote, “children are asking their parents what this means. Jews, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims are as much a part of America as whites and Protestants. But today they wonder. Where might this lead? To bitterness and tears, or perhaps to anger and violence?” Muslims are as much a part of America as whites, Romney? Is there no bottom to his pandering and dishonesty? Are whites and Christians as much a part of Saudi Arabia as Arabs? Do facts mean nothing to this idiot? Are false proclamations their equivalent?

Romney went on to say, “The potential consequences are severe in the extreme. Accordingly, the president must take remedial action in the extreme. He should address the American people, acknowledge that he was wrong, apologize. State forcefully and unequivocally that racists are 100% to blame for the murder and violence in Charlottesville. Testify that there is no conceivable comparison or moral equivalency between the Nazis–who brutally murdered millions of Jews and who hundreds of thousands of Americans gave their lives to defeat–and the counter-protestors who were outraged to see fools parading the Nazi flag, Nazi armband and Nazi salute. And once and for all, he must definitively repudiate the support of David Duke and his ilk and call for every American to banish racists and haters from any and every association.”

Obviously 2012 was a year we had no choice for president, we lost either way. President Trump has nothing to apologize for. He has repudiated David Duke on numerous occasions and his initial three statements did denounce racism. He just didn’t denounce racism as a racist, in the manner that Romney and other anti-white, anti-American parasites are doing. Trump denounced all racism. Racist Romney only denounces white racism and hands out free passes to violent anti-American BLM, Communists and AntiFa thugs, all race-baiting hate groups and worse.

In an infuriatingly self-righteous and dismissive finish, Romney stated, “This is a defining moment for President Trump. But much more than that, it is a moment that will define America in the hearts of our children. They are watching, our soldiers are watching, the world is watching. Mr. President, act now for the good of the country.”

Please promise us two things, Mr. President. No apology and this despicable pandering ass never gets another chance at anything for the remainder of your eight years as President – period.


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12 Comments on Romney Goes Full Anti-White Racist In Attacks On President Trump

  1. Romney is a puke, in my opinion.

  2. TONYA PARNELL // August 19, 2017 at 8:49 am // Reply

    WELLS, IF IT WAS ALREADY SAID, WHERE IS IT????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. TONYA PARNELL // August 19, 2017 at 8:48 am // Reply

    TRUMP 2020

  4. I am ashamed to say I voted for him in an attempt to keep Obama out of office. I was sorry I lost. But it’s possible Romney would have been even worse, idk. He’s a RINO commie, and I wish him gone, into the dust. The only reason Obama won at all was that there was no one worth voting for. 🙁

  5. david thomas // August 19, 2017 at 6:25 am // Reply

    The Roman Colosseum must be torn down. It was built by slaves and used to glorify fascist emperors.

  6. Romney is a bona fide idiot. He lost my respect when he told such awful lies about Trump during the campaign. And now this–Just what is this stupid guy’s end game?? I am ashamed of him and hope he is washed up politically forever. Trump is a good guy and everything he said was spot on. Romney is not the man I once thought he was. He’s a Democrat liar!


  8. Romney is a bona fide idiot. He lost my resoect when he told such awful lies about Trump during the campaign. And now this–Just what is this stupid guy’s end game?? I am ashamed of him and hope is is washed up politically forever.

  9. He can join ISIS and the rest of the Taliban and their destruction of things they don’t like as that is what all these revisionists remind me of. The Deep State will do ANYTHING to attack Trump so screw those bastards.

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