Roger Stone Twitter Closed For Telling Truth About Lemon, Tapper, Navarro

Roger Stone has a habit of telling it straight, and libtards hate the truth. Don Lemon didn’t like what he said about him, neither did Jake Tapper or Ana Navarro. Twitter shut…

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The truth can be painful, especially if you’re not accustomed to allowing it to be seen, as is the case with suspension trigger-happy Twitter. They reacted to a few expletive laden tweets by Roger Stone, none of them false, by suspending his account.

Though the cowards behind the little blue bird haven’t had the courage to emerge from behind their virtual shields to tell him themselves and theoretically justify their actions in the process, others have told him that to be the case.

Stone delivered what is described as a foul-mouthed Twitter rant when the news of Robert Mueller’s desperation indictments being filed first broke. Mueller may soon find that his conflicts of interest and growing exposure as a corrupt dirty cop will result in his removal from his position as chief inquisitor, so he had to rush an indictment, at least one, out there before he himself is looking at being criminally charged.

Stone says he was told by the libtards at Twitter initially that he had a suspension of a few hours. They generally don’t say much but, as one who’s enjoyed their attention in a similar manner in the past, they take longer than that just to respond, usually multiple days, and then issue their punishment decree at their leisure. Hours later their decision had apparently been made to suspend him permanently.

Stone told TheWrap, “I was informed that I was suspended for three hours and 22 minutes yet my Twitter feed is still not functional. Several media outlets are reporting that I have been permanently banned but Twitter has not informed me that that is the case.”

A Twitter spokesperson refused to comment on “individual accounts,” telling TheWrap that their policy on “abusive behavior” includes “behavior that harasses,” which can result in suspension.

Upon hearing the news of dirty cop Mueller making his move, Stone got happy fingers, tweeting that CNN’s Don Lemon was “a buffoon,” an “ignorant lying c–sucker,” and “dumb piece of s–.” Okay, so far so good, all factual, the problem must be with something else he said.

He called for Lemon to be “confronted, humiliated, mocked and punished.” Again, those are not illegal suggestions and are far less threatening than what the libtards regularly tweet, but they’ve got that leftist privilege, it’s a possible safe space infraction.

Stone went on to tweet that Jake Tapper should also be “very severely punished” and referred to Republican consultant and frequent CNN contributor Ana Navarro as a “dumbf–.” She’s a RINO, not a Republican, but otherwise his remarks are once again, right on the money.

He expressed his opinion that once AT&T completes its merger with the CNN parent company Time Warner there would be a swift and thorough house cleaning to get rid of the offenders he named and others.

Yeah, Stone’s guilty of a lot of truth-telling. Twitter can’t let stuff like that slide. What if it spread?


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We need a “conservative” social media outlet. I don’t do social media but many do and only the left is allowed to speak out.

Not sure if it is overreach, but they should be regulated to disallow freedom of speech. It;s not like they shut the commies down for similar “rants”.

I see it’s the Left who nearly always starts the violence. Whether it be Madonna threatening to burn down the White House, Kathy Griffin holding up a severed head of Trump with a clear implication or the guy last May in Alexandria, Virginia, who shot a bunch of Republican Congressmen practicing for a baseball game, it’s easy to trace violence to those who suggest they are against violence. Did I mention Antifa?

Roger Stone should be gunned down to death in the middle of Rockefeller Center, followed by Sean Hannity and you, Wells.

Feds will be knocking on your door any minute now.

I just talked to a friend that purchased a large Craftsman tool box with all types of tools. My friend said that you are welcome to use any of the tools to tighten any of your lose lose nuts and screws.

if i had the funds i would do so myself.