Roger Stone – Soros BLM Blueprint To Disrupt Inauguration Revealed

roger stone


Roger Stone says that he wants to talk about what is coming to Washington because it is scary. While there will be exhaustive layers of protection for the Americans attending the inauguration of our next president, the leftist radicals are quite brazen in their plans to disrupt the events, in some ways violently.

Stone reveals, “We had an operative who infiltrated the J20 committee planning session. And let me go through what these folks have in mind because this is not some benign, civilly disobedient protest. They intend to march from McPherson Square to Columbus Square. They are going to march during the lunch period immediately after the inauguration, approximately 12:30 pm. Their goal is to ‘create a sense of crisis.’

He continues, “They are going to harass inaugural visitors as they step off the metro stations. Multiple waves will be harassing Secret Service Security checkpoints to the national mall. Roving protesters in the crowd will be using drums to break up the program. They intend to launch pirate radio broadcast of drones loaded with rockets to attack the parade are under consideration. “Secret Service, take notice, happy to share this with anybody from the Service that wants to contact us.”

Stones notes that, “They are going to have roller derby women zooming through the crowd, knocking people over and disturbing order. January 6-8th  they have their street medical training. January 8th they have a huge mass meeting to plan this disruption. January 14th-16th they are going to be training their shock troops for violence, January 14th through 22nd they converge on Washington in an effort to paralyze the city.

Stone labels it the blueprint for disruption, noting those behind it are the experienced chaos creating thugs of George Soros, Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Marxists, Black Lives Matter. He describes it as what the forces of repression and censorship have planned, the Alinsky basics they never deviate far away from.

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16 Comments on Roger Stone – Soros BLM Blueprint To Disrupt Inauguration Revealed

  1. ChicagoMadDog // December 24, 2016 at 10:35 am // Reply

    These people need to be killed. Them and everyone who thinks like them. Start it so we can finish these people off. I’m sick of leftist white mutts, blm mutts, MIGRANT MUTTS, ILLEGAL MUTTS, I HATE THEM MORE THAN THEY HATE US.

    This thing is all BS anyhow.. I haven’t seen one in my life, other than the swearing in.. That’s the only thing I care about. At least it’s not a Muslim using the KORAN ….. J F C A .

  2. Bob in Florida // December 24, 2016 at 9:59 am // Reply

    Your time stamp on comments is off by about 13 hours – posted at 8:57pm on Dec 23rd, shown as 9:56am, Dec 24th

  3. Bob in Florida // December 24, 2016 at 9:56 am // Reply

    A collapsible baton wielded discretely and slipped between the legs of anyone ‘roller-derbying’ through the crowd, would seem to discourage that practice. Since broom handles would likely be prohibited, a baton or a discrete cane/walking stick would seem a likely alternative.

  4. I agree with Tony. Forget all the pomp and circumstance. Get the legal ceremony done and let’s get to work. The swamp is full of all kinds of venomous critters that need to go.

  5. This is why we need ROLLING THUNDER at the Inauguration, this should be interesting.

  6. I could care less about any inauguration event. They should skip it, film trump in the oveal office swearing on the bible. Show Obama Drive away in his Uhaul and get to work. Thats all we need right now.

  7. What this election has shown us is the true essence of the Democrats. They no longer believe in the America as founded by the American Founders.

  8. “They are going to have roller derby women zooming through the crowd, knocking people over and disturbing order.”

    This would be where a Louisville Slugger comes in handy.

  9. Wish I could attend and be approached by a derby queen. Haven’t forgotten a good forearm shiver and what it would do on the football field….

  10. Regardless of whatever they do IT IS NOT going to prevent Donald J. Trump from being our 45 POTUS!

  11. Daisy Eloise Applewhite // December 23, 2016 at 4:32 am // Reply

    I’ve been listening to Roger Stone for several years. I usually find his predictions and premonitions to reveal truth. I will look for the roller derby on the days before the inauguration. This might develop into a circus. Only Stone can make sense out of all of this.

  12. With all the bikers coming to DC they will have no problems weaving in and out of crowds to catch the offenders. I have no fear that all problems will be taken care of and a busload or two will hit the jails!

  13. Seems like this fall under some type of illegal activity, whether assault or civil disruption. Arrest them!…and Soros most definitely.

  14. The demonratic party is Socialistic/Communistic! Why don’t their voters understand this? Do they care? Probably not! Lastima

  15. Is concealed carry allowed for those who attend the event?

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