Roger Stone – Rosenstein, Mueller, Comey – Matched Set Of Coup Cronies

roger stone

Roger Stone thinks it’s important to look at the background of Rod Rosenstein in order to get a better understanding of what is going on here. We were hoping somebody with inside knowledge might shed some light on his role in what’s happening to our President behind the scenes.

Stone makes the observation that the fact that Rosenstein is an appointee of the Trump administration doesn’t mean he’s a conservative or an anti-globalist, noting that, “under the ‘watchful eye’ of Reince Priebus, never Trumpers have infiltrated the Trump administration at extraordinary levels.”  He points to the presence of Dina Habib Powell, friend of Valerie Jarrett, Huma Abedin and Condoleezza Rice, as all the evidence needed to substantiate that claim. Powell, like Rice is a former Bush White House employee and CFR member who, as Stone describes it, “has never-Trump written all over her.”

He also notes that the Manchurian son-in-law of the President, Soros puppet Jared Kushner, is, along with his liberal wife, pushing for the globalist Powell to replace Reince Priebus when that inevitable time comes. Stone describes her as an extreme neocon who has for her entire career opposed everything President Trump, and more importantly, we citizens who elected him, stand for.

Stone says Rosenstein has, like Powell, infiltrated the administration, and gives some background on him and how he managed to become such an integral component of the coup underway. He took it upon himself to appoint a special prosecutor whose job it is to take down the President, Mr. Mueller, commenting that “again, the facts won’t matter.”

Among the red flags on Rosenstein was the applauding of his selection by the liberal rags “Slate,” and the Washington Post. Roger Stone reveals that Rosenstein, Comey and Mueller, as it turns out, go way back. All the way to the start of Rosenstein’s career, part of the information he provides that helps us understand he was manipulated into position and AG Sessions forced to recuse himself by members of Congress who are in on the plot, for the express purpose of installing Mueller as the mechanism for accomplishing the leftist coup.

A lot of various pieces of the puzzle were laid out and moved into position. Now they simply have to follow through with their theatrical presentation. All the actors are in place, they’ve got their scripts, President Trump’s impeachment is a forgone conclusion unless Mueller is removed, and Rosenstein too, while we’re at it.

Sure the left will scream, so what. Is that worse than being forced from office and handing our country back to the globalists to finish us off? We’re not going to avoid a fight and no matter what it’s going to get messy. 

It’s time to stand and fight. As Mills Lane used to say, “Let’s get it on.”

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2 Comments on Roger Stone – Rosenstein, Mueller, Comey – Matched Set Of Coup Cronies

  1. Thomas Oakley // July 5, 2017 at 12:36 am // Reply

    Well this post did answer one of my questions……who is giving bad advice to trump, I have always thought priebus never got over being associated with the rinos, good old boys of the reps, and as the post says….was a large part of these never trump people getting appointed. Yes and we have trumps daughter and son in law that are doing their best to destroy him. What kind of daughter does that to their father? And is sessons in charge of his agency or not. If so why has rothstein not been removed and muller kicked out along with all those clinton loving lawyers. Rules of the….doj….seems to state muller should never have been picked. Why are they not being followed. And of course their is tillerson, who trumps daughter seems to love, that is doing everything to destroy trump he can. He needs to be kicked out, and the list of these so called friends of trump that need removal goes on and on, sad to say.

    • none of it makes sense, Thomas – I’m asking myself many of those same questions – Sessions needs to get busy, I’m very disappointed in that boy thus far.

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