Roger Stone – Jared Kushner Texting Info To Joe Scarborough, Establishment Isolated Bannon

roger stone


Roger Stone begins his interview with a nod to Mike Cernovich, the journalist who broke the story about  Susan Rice’s espionage and more recently the planning for a 150K troop deployment to Syria by General HR McMaster with help from General David Petraeus. He notes that Cernovich is, like him, coming under the Facebook choke hold, as are we at RickWells.US, cutting off their reach in an effort to strangle them out of existence.

Stone reports that he was one of those that Susan Rice unmasked in her fishing trip for dirt on Trump supporters and insiders. He notes that using intelligence service products for personal or political purposes is a felony. He also calls out the sites, The Smoking Gun and Raw Story for accepting and disseminating illegally obtained information.

Stone notes that he is still waiting to hear from either the House or Senate Intelligence committees to appear before them, reiterating that he does not need a subpoena, he’s not asking for immunity and he wants to testify before both bodies in public, not behind closed doors.

He moves on to the White House, noting that “the President has, incredibly, gone to war with the Freedom Caucus.” He says it makes little sense to him because “these are his natural allies, and while it is true you can never completely please them,” they should be given “enough from a policy point of view that they would be your backbone, and then you only have to convince the establishment Republicans to join you, much easier than the other way around.”

He says, “Here is the sad truth, the President’s healthcare bill was drafted by former Speaker John Boehner and a team of lobbyists. It was passed to Ryan, Ryan passed it to Priebus. Priebus passed it off to the President and did him a disservice. This is not the best bill that could have been presented. If I were the President, I would simply say, ‘Now that the Ryan bill has failed, I’ll introduce my own bill.'”

He applauds the efforts to work together between the President and Senator Rand Paul and their round of golf. Stone also notes that Deputy Chief of Staff, Katie Walsh, left the administration and the revelation of her having received an inappropriate payment of $300,000, double her salary, by the RNC, the second portion being paid to her through a dummy company controlled by her mother.

Stone reveals that “The reason two junior aides in the White House took this bombshell evidence to Nunes  is because they knew Chairman Nunes could not be blocked from communicating it to the President.” They didn’t believe if it was submitted through normal channels that the President would ever see it.

Stone drops the bombshell that Jared Kushner, the President’s son-in-law, has been texting inside information to Joe Scarborough, which he says is the source of the many attacks Scarborough has launched against Steve Bannon and some of those against President Trump as well.


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