Roger Stone – Bannon Died Alone By Own Hand – Wouldn’t Help Trump Loyalists Get Hired

roger stone

Roger Stone gave his view on the big picture of why Steve Bannon is out at the White House, saying, “I think he died of his own hand. On the key issues that matter to conservatives but more importantly to Trump supporters, he just has not stood tall.” 

Stone continued, “When Joe Arpaio can’t get his calls returned when he calls the White House to tell them how he’s being abused by the Trump Justice Department, something’s wrong with the system. When Steve Bannon is championing the appointment of Rex Tillerson, whose chief patron is Condoleezza Rice,  and we now have a Trump State Department completely peopled with Bush / Romney retreads, there’s something fundamentally wrong.”

Stone says, “I like Steve, I think my world view is probably closer to his. But on the key issues, on the key fights he just hasn’t weighed in. He’s been a bit of a disappointment.” He notes, “I wouldn’t expect him to have a perfect batting record, the problem is that many, many times he just never went to bat.”

He says, “So his supporters out today saying, ‘Well, now the White House is completely populated with New York Democrats. True, that’s because Steve wouldn’t help anybody else who was for Donald Trump get hired in the Trump Administration. Now to suddenly complain that you’re alone is like murdering your parents and then throwing yourself on the mercy of the court because you’re an orphan. In this case he did not help any allies.”

“Not in the departments,” he says, “not in the cabinet jobs, not in the White House. There aren’t many Trump supporters in the Trump administration. Fine men like David Urban or Ed Martin couldn’t get a hand up to try to get into the administration to help. These are experienced people, these aren’t lightweights, these are political heavyweights. People who played a key role in the election of Donald Trump couldn’t get the time of day from Steve Bannon.”

Anytime statements and accusations like this are made, one has to wonder if there are other factors, personal or otherwise, that play a role. It’s hard to believe Bannon was isolated by choice or intimidated into silence without at least tacit approval and acceptance of it by President Trump. 


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17 Comments on Roger Stone – Bannon Died Alone By Own Hand – Wouldn’t Help Trump Loyalists Get Hired

  1. Kelleigh, I totally agree with you on all of them.

    • Kelleigh Nelson // August 20, 2017 at 8:41 pm // Reply

      My question is why Trump didn’t hire the generals fired by Obama, well he hired one, Flynn, and then didn’t keep him, which he should have done. But Stan McChrystal is wonderful, he could have hired him for Mattis’ job. Our President is surrounded by too many leftists, even his own family, argh

  2. I disagree with Stone on Bannon. I was shocked when I read what Stone had to say. Once Pres. trump put Kelly in charge of removing people then I knew he would eventually get to Bannon the only person in that place that Trump could trust. It wasn’t Bannon who was stopping those that we are told wanted with his team it was his daughter and husband who were wanting people that are part of the swamp. Is there anyone on this page that tweets? Then I suggest you tweet to President Trump. I do not ‘tweet’ but I do go on the White House website and contact him but I doubt that he has received messages from me even though I choose to send it to The President.

    • Kelleigh Nelson // August 20, 2017 at 12:12 pm // Reply

      So do I, I am not at all a fan of Kelly. Did you see that man looking at his shoes when Trump was being disrespected by the media? Why didn’t he jump in and say, FOLKS, YOU NEED TO BE RESPECTFUL TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. i HAVE NO USE FOR ANY OF THESE GENERALS, AND THAT INCLUDES MATTIS AND MCMASTER

  3. Kelleigh Nelson // August 20, 2017 at 8:58 am // Reply

    But Bannon isn’t the only one who answers the phone at the White House, so why is everyone dumping on Bannon? Surely there were/are other people who kept the info on Arpaio away from the Prez. Listen, blaming Bannon for that is just plain wrong because Arpaio kept trying to contact the DOJ…and that’s Sessions. Gawd but I’m sick of this crap

  4. Kelleigh Nelson // August 20, 2017 at 8:56 am // Reply

    David Urban is an American lobbyist and political commentator, and I definitely DO NOT AGREE that he would be wonderful. Ed Martin is the President of Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, and is a great guy.

  5. Kelleigh Nelson // August 20, 2017 at 8:54 am // Reply

    I agree 100% with your take on this

    • This has got to be the most mystifying presidency since Hussein Obama -lol – although that can’t really be classified as a presidency since he was an impostor – glad you agree with me though Kelleigh

      • Kelleigh Nelson // August 20, 2017 at 10:53 am // Reply

        Actually, I think Rick that it’s a businessman who is used to doing things in business and is absolutely stupefied at the amount of hatred for him because he’s not an insider. I think he thought that if he was kind, generous, and open armed like he’s been in business, that these neo-con Trotskyite Republicans would help him. I could have told him they would not, but he’s a neophyte. It is so frustrating for people like us who have been in this for decades, me since the age of 16, and educated by momma since I was five. Long time. I am hoping that the crap will clear for him and I figure that by the end of a year 80% of his hires will be gone and replaced, hopefully that whole putrid gang in the NSA and DOJ.

        We will see, won’t we. If God truly put him there, then Trump needs to listen to the Holy Spirit and not these people who surround him. So I pray, which we all should do for our President. Pray hard because you can see the vitriol and intense demonic hatred for the man. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places, and that means both the demons of the air and the two legged ones on earth.

        Pray for Trump, surround him with a hedge of protection of God’s heavenly angels. He needs it!

        • what gets me is we’re on the outside looking in, we see it – he’s got to have more than an inkling yet he’s ignoring – someone is forcing him to look away or something -the CFR is my guess, on behalf of others even more powerful. Something isn’t adding up here. He’ not a stupid guy – is it the generals as you say who have made it clear they’ll overthrow him? who knows, they’re quite the little cadre of enforcers if they’re so inclined.

          • Kelleigh Nelson // August 20, 2017 at 12:58 pm //

            I know Rick, it’s a puzzle, because he does things that are illogical. I haven’t thought of him as a man who would back down for anything, but I am thinking that perhaps others are right and whispers can deter a person’s goals. Would something like, “I know where your grandchildren go to school,” or “Interesting that your sons are easily accessible.” I don’t like to buy that this happens, but I believe it happened to Justice Roberts, don’t you?

            Would Trump back down? Knowing how many hate him…maybe. I don’t know, but I’m heartsick as what he’s going through and what he’s apparently not seeing. If he’s so brilliant, then he needs to fire 85% of the administration and start anew, and especially those three freaking Generals.

            Look, he could have chosen generals who were fired by Obama, he did choose one, but he allowed him to be pilloried and destroyed, which showed he was not being a strong leader, especially if he listened to that establishment punk, Pence, but why would he choose 3 generals who worked for Obama and got along with him, and all three think our President shouldn’t say radical Islamic terrorist. Even Kelly doesn’t think Islam is a problem for cripes sake. Why didn’t he hire the generals who were fired…Stan McChrystal and Flynn were two who really had it on the ball.

            Damn it, I just don’t know Rick, and he shouldn’t be hiring all these swamp rats. Why isn’t he hiring the great people who worked so hard to get him elected who have massive resumes and knowledge out here in the heartland, and could work for any part of the administration? Who the hell is guiding him besides his democrat leftist daughter and her husband?

  6. If Stone is right then his “condemnation” of Bannon has merit. If Bannon was marginalized by the princess and her frog then I’m not sure what Bannon could do to influence those decisions. IMO, either way, Trump allowed “nationalists”, such as Flynn, to be shut down or removed, and he filled the administration with globalists. I’m having trouble believing that Bannon simply sat quiet with that.

    As I’ve said it before, the bar is low, simply getting back to the Bush policies is not MAGA, and I’m waiting for at least a push back of 70-80 years as a good start.

  7. Stone is dead-on! (What’s with the sync problem on the video they’ve got going? Drives me nuts.) Fine men like David Urban or Ed Martin (wish I knew who they were), somebody has to get messages to Trump. Seems like Kelly is isolating him more and more. That may have been the dumbest move our President has made to date. He needs CONTACT from his supporters somewhere. Can’t watch his “tweets” ‘cuz there’s so much blasphemy in there. Who could get through it.

  8. From the above: [Stone continued, “When Joe Arpaio can’t get his calls returned when he calls the White House to tell them how he’s being abused by the Trump Justice Department, something’s wrong with the system.”]

    The prosecution/PERSECUTION of Sheriff Joe Arpiao was clearly retaliation by Obama’s DOJ; and there are a lot of deep state vermin still swimming around in that “swamp.” Why did Obama’s minions indict Sheriff Joe personally and not others who were also attempting to do the job that the federal government refused to do? And they even tried to sue states like AZ and TX for their efforts to enforce the sovereignty our southern border?

    Simple, Joe Arpaio had the audacity to do what should have been done when Barack/Barry Hussein Obama/Soreato (sp.) first decided to run for POTUS…actually investigate his background, mindset, associations and records. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Obama spent $millions to “cover his tracks” and sequester records that proved he was a fraud on so many levels…and the closest thing that we have ever seen to a “Manchurian candidate.” An absolutely altered long-form birth certificate, the attendance to an American university and travel to a restricted country as a foreign student on a foreign passport and the use of a phony SSN from a state never lived in were all part of a manufactured persona to obscure a boyhood filled with Islamic indoctrination in Indonesia, and educated/influenced/groomed by leftist, anti-American, radical “personalities” like Saul Alinski and the infamous Reverend “GD America” Wright.

    Obama willfully abused the power of the presidency and his DOJ to punish Joe Arpaio for daring to investigate him; and Donald Trump should absolutely restore his good name by pardoning him from a clear case of malicious prosecution.

  9. Kelleigh Nelson // August 19, 2017 at 9:05 pm // Reply

    Yeah, I heard all this, but the big problem I have with it is that neither will any of these schmucks leftover in this administration help any supporters of Trump to get hired. Kelly is a control freak, and this does not bode well for our president who is being isolated and kept from real knowledge of what’s going on. It’s sickening.

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