Roger Stone – Bannon Died Alone By Own Hand – Wouldn’t Help Trump Loyalists Get Hired

roger stone

Roger Stone gave his view on the big picture of why Steve Bannon is out at the White House, saying, “I think he died of his own hand. On the key issues that matter to conservatives but more importantly to Trump supporters, he just has not stood tall.” 

Stone continued, “When Joe Arpaio can’t get his calls returned when he calls the White House to tell them how he’s being abused by the Trump Justice Department, something’s wrong with the system. When Steve Bannon is championing the appointment of Rex Tillerson, whose chief patron is Condoleezza Rice,  and we now have a Trump State Department completely peopled with Bush / Romney retreads, there’s something fundamentally wrong.”

Stone says, “I like Steve, I think my world view is probably closer to his. But on the key issues, on the key fights he just hasn’t weighed in. He’s been a bit of a disappointment.” He notes, “I wouldn’t expect him to have a perfect batting record, the problem is that many, many times he just never went to bat.”

He says, “So his supporters out today saying, ‘Well, now the White House is completely populated with New York Democrats. True, that’s because Steve wouldn’t help anybody else who was for Donald Trump get hired in the Trump Administration. Now to suddenly complain that you’re alone is like murdering your parents and then throwing yourself on the mercy of the court because you’re an orphan. In this case he did not help any allies.”

“Not in the departments,” he says, “not in the cabinet jobs, not in the White House. There aren’t many Trump supporters in the Trump administration. Fine men like David Urban or Ed Martin couldn’t get a hand up to try to get into the administration to help. These are experienced people, these aren’t lightweights, these are political heavyweights. People who played a key role in the election of Donald Trump couldn’t get the time of day from Steve Bannon.”

Anytime statements and accusations like this are made, one has to wonder if there are other factors, personal or otherwise, that play a role. It’s hard to believe Bannon was isolated by choice or intimidated into silence without at least tacit approval and acceptance of it by President Trump. 


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