“Roach” Gutierrez Tells Trump “Shut Up”- Brags Now White Chicks Talk To Him

gutierrez shut up


Rep Luis “the Roach” Gutierrez (D-Illegals) starts out his interview on the topic of the anonymous illegal aliens that voted for Hillary Clinton. It’s a claim which is difficult to prove but supported by logic as a major purpose behind the push to provide illegal aliens with driver’s licenses, motor voter registration and challenges to requirements for ID to vote.

He asks for the proof knowing that Democrats have successfully engineered the providing of proof and the existence of documentation out of existence. He uses it as an opportunity to belittle the President. He blames the states, most of which are run by Republicans, but ignores the fact that those  states attempted to enforce their voter registration system integrity through legislation and were sued and obstructed by the Obama regime.

He asks who orchestrated and organized this massive three to five million. The answer is the left, Democrats and George Soros, through front organizations, as well as the federal government. Under the control of the corrupt Marxist Democrats, the Justice Department became an arm of the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Gutierrez knows it all, but he’s a lying cockroach, with an anti-American agenda.

In a show of disrespect that is unusual even for this slimy insect, Gutierrez says “Look, bring the proof forward or shut up.” Telling a sitting President to shut up is not proper conduct for a member of the House of Representatives, sleazebag or not. It’s outrageous.

The racist host, rather than note the points just addressed here, characterizes the views of the president as “obviously false,” and equates it with another successful hoax the left was able to pull off, the cover up of the fact that Hussein Obama was not an American citizen.

As he calls Mr. Trump a liar, Gutierrez once again reverts to the Democrat talking point that President Trump was elected by a minority of the population, an irrelevant argument if true and one the veracity of which they’ve been discussing for the entire interview.

Gutierrez then goes into his phony humanitarian mode, saying how touched his black heart was by the response of people at a pro-illegal alien meeting he had held the night before. He says there was something mystical, magical that drew white women out to see him. Don’t give yourself too much credit, Gutierrez, they’re probably lesbians or have illegals in their family somewhere. You didn’t suddenly become irresistible.”

The libtard blather starts flowing freely as he thanks women for calling the march so that they could all come together “as Muslims, as immigrants, as envir… you know why we’re going to be able to push back on Keystone? Because there was a woman’s march in Washington DC. He distorts the whole concept of identity politics in his “you know who I kissed?” schoolboy excitement that white women are talking to him.

Somebody get this guy a cold shower, and tell him he’s the one that needs to shut the hell up; and apologize to the President. Better yet, censure the little piece of trash. Be creative, forget he’s your best amigo, Speaker Ryan. They’re both working for the globalist open borders lobby. Ryan’s never going to hold him accountable for anything.

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