RINOs Tillis, Graham Move To Make Mueller Untouchable – Join Witch Hunt

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As Robert Mueller continues in his efforts to head one of the largest DC laws with an unlimited budget, all expenses paid with taxpayer money and an open mandate to “just get Trump,” he’s got help from some of his fellow snakes in the DC Swamp grass.

Senators Thom Tillis (RINO-NC) and Chris Coons (D-DE) will introduce legislation Thursday making it more difficult for President Trump to fire Special Witch Hunter Mueller by removing executive authority and handing it over to the judiciary. We all know how honest, objective and true to their oaths they are. So-called Judge Derrick Watson in Hawaii drew our attention to that flaw in the imperfect system a couple of times recently.

Forget that Constitution, remember Russia, Russia, Russia and “Get Trump.” The Tillis plan creates a three-judge panel for review of the firing of a special prosecutor within 14 days, to determine, in their opinion, if the firing is justified. As usual, the opinion of an appointed judge, or in this case two appointed judges, would have more weight than the President of the United States and 320 million Americans.

If the panelists of judicial appointees determined that the firing was not justified, they would overrule the President and the Special Witch Hunter would be immediately reinstated. The bill follows a similar piece of legislation put forward by Military Industrial Complex minion Senator Lindsey Graham and his “being black is a great tool of manipulation” Obama wannabe partner, filling in for the ailing John McCain, Cory Booker (D-NJ).

Coons said, “The introduction of two bills with two different bipartisan pairs strengthens the message that there is broad concern about this.” He volunteered the interesting information that Tillis approached him on the Senate floor about teaming up to change the rules. Tillis sought out some protective cover for attacking the sitting Republican President.

Why would a Republican want to make it impossible for a Republican President to free himself from the clutches of an unjust and corrupt political coup against him? Obviously, Tillis is working for the enemy, the establishment, deep state good old boys who don’t want their power messed with.

Tillis showed us he’s more-than-willing to hurt the country, the American people and President Trump in order to serve his masters, the political establishment that owns him. Recently he placed a hold on the appointment of Lee Francis Cissna as the director of the DHS’s critical U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency in order to force General Kelly, at the time DHS Secretary, to give American jobs to imported foreigners.

Upon what authority do these establishment ne’er-do-wells exercise dominion over the duly elected President of the United States? Because some corrupt members of the “co-equal” Senate decided they want to change the vote of the people or control their selection? Now they’re going to sanitize their treachery through the filter of the equally corrupt and anti-American judiciary and a sham 3 judge panel?

Are you sure three judges is enough, boys? why not 50 or 100, like in the Senate impeachment process? Then you could completely eliminate the House and you could decide on your own if a President can be president. Or leave the House involved and make the judges a body of 535 or perhaps 538, including your three token, selected judiciary members.

Why bother with elections at all? Why don’t you geniuses in Congress just pick the president and rule as dictators over the American people on behalf of those distributing your fat cat bribes. Why even bother with the charade?

Tillis and Graham are the kind of RINOs that give Republicans a bad name, along with those that “just go along” with them. President Trump would surely veto such a vote but who’s to say it wouldn’t be overridden? He cannot trust the legislative branch anymore than the judiciary.

Fire Mueller and Rodentstein, Mr. President or start working with the few patriots in the House and perhaps the two or three in the Senate to force him to resign and require them to demonstrate why there is a legitimate need for another to be appointed, a showing of the evidence. Do it while you still can.


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