RINOs – Mueller Can Do Anything He Wants, For As Long As It Takes – To Get Trump

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RINO Sen Susan Collins (R-ME), is useful to the Republican party much as John McCain is, only by virtue of the fact that his seat helps to establish a Republican majority. Beyond that one benefit they might as well be Democrats, they basically are now.

Collins is also a member of the Senate Presidential Lynching Committee, also known as the Senate Intelligence Committee and chaired by another of her Republican In Name Only colleagues, Hanging Senator Richard Burr (R-NC). Paired with Senator Thom Tillis, no state aside from Arizona has a more pathetic “Republican” representation.

Collins, who always sounds as if she’s gasping for breath between burps of Jack Daniels, told CNN on Thursday that President Trump is not immune from the “investigation” by her establishment crony, Robert Mueller. She said, “The President can’t set red lines for Bob Mueller.”

Like Hillary Clinton and Obama, the elites like to think of themselves as above the law in every regard, Mueller is an untouchable programmed to destroy. Trump cannot defend himself in her eyes and there is no limit to what he can poke his nose into.

Joining Collins for the interview is another of the many establishment phonies pretending to represent the people, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). She was instrumental in helping Collins take down President Trump’s attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Snippy old Lisa quipped, “Well said,” to Collins as if she’s capable of saying anything well. As CNN reported on Thursday, Mueller and his lynch mob have now crossed the red line of snooping into Trump business transactions and anything else they might like to know.

his team are now looking into Trump and his associates’ financial ties to Russia as they investigate the 2016 presidential election and whether there was any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.

Collins, whose Senate Lynch Mob has failed to come up with any Russia collusion evidence, believes Mueller has been given carte blanche and says he “should follow the leads wherever they may be.” The then made a nonsensical statement, saying, “I do not think his investigation should be constrained beyond the mandate that he was given.”  Perhaps she meant it shouldn’t be constrained by the mandate he was given.

Think of it as a team of mercenaries sent in to take out a terrorist target that they search and search for, unable to find a trace of him. As an alternative they shoot up the town, killing hundreds of civilians. They simply shouldn’t have been and weren’t constrained by their mandate, in the perverted judgment of Senator Collins. No bad guys were found but they wanted blood. It’s the same with the Senate, establishment RINOs and deeps state who are the mercenaries determined to get their blond scalp.

As for the development that there’s a grand jury being convened by Mueller, Collins the RINO said, “I think that’s good. The sooner that Bob Mueller and his team [lynch mob] are able to get the facts out about Russian involvement [The ones the FBI and two congressional committees haven’t been able to find] on and answer the question of whether or not there is any criminal wrongdoing or collusion between the Russians and members President Trump’s campaign team, the better off we all are.”

What she’s saying is the sooner they take President Trump down the better off all of the establishment swamp creatures are. If it were just about Russia, or if the Republicans weren’t owned by the establishment, the farce would have been over by now. It’s going to continue, unless President Trump puts a stop to it, until he is either out of office or jailed on some fabricated pretext.

The original stated purpose for the special counsel was the supposed Russia, Russia, Russia – now their investigation is split into two teams, with a second looking into obstruction of justice. Since there is no Russia collusion and the whole point is to get Trump, we’ll soon see some kind of forced testimony designed to trap someone into a perjury conviction.

These two establishment witches know exactly what they’re doing.


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  1. 2 more that belong in the BRAIN DEAD CLUB.

  2. The President should find a way to dissolve that Russian Collusion investigation, lock up all members, including Rosenstein, Murkowski and Collins, and bring charges against them for Treason Against the U.S.A. I believe there’s plenty of evidence, and I’d back him completely.

  3. Rick, did you honestly intend to say “witches”? Or, might that have been a typo? I would have used “b” instead of the “w”.

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