RINO Senators Plotting To Surrender Border Wall, Caving To Schumer’s Dictates

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Illegal aliens aren’t the only ones with an aversion to a border fence. Increasingly it appears that RINOs are on an expedition to track down pretexts to declare a fence as being too difficult for them to get “passed.” They’ve got plenty of new excuses that preserve the “America last” policies that have become the status quo under the fascists Clinton, Bushes and Obama.

The uppity citizens and our few actual representatives scuttled the efforts of RINOs Priebus and Ryan, despite their best Nancy Pelosi impersonations, and rejected their efforts to shove Ryancare down the throats of America. They had the President convinced that the pie in the sky that would never come, phases two and three, actually would. Misplaced trust in someone who has been attacking you since mid-2015 is a difficult thing to comprehend  and it’s both ugly and embarrassing to watch. Fortunately, more politically experienced heads prevailed. Trump will thank them later.

Now it seems that Mitch McConnell may be joining RINO Ryan in returning to his “surrender first at any cost” roots. As McConnell squatted shivering with fear inside his turtle shell, the serpentine Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, warned him by letter in mid-March that including spending for the border wall in the upcoming $1 trillion-plus catchall spending package was “a poison pill.” Strong talk like that is all that is needed to send Republicans scurrying for a way to concede defeat.

Texas Senator John Cornyn, who has no desire to protect his state from the ravages of an open border, is a globalist tool, who lobbied heavily for TPP and fast track authority for Hussein Obama on behalf of his Chamber of Commerce employers. It’s no surprise that he is now looking to sacrifice the border wall, to use it as a bargaining chip to secure other agreements with the Democrats that he, and more importantly, his owners, find more appetizing. Cornyn claims to be trying to avoid a Democrat filibuster of the April 28th budget update by looking for a way to jettison the wall funding as Schumer has demanded.

Naturally, Mitch McConnell is nowhere to be seen, but the word on the street is he was doing laundry, washing and ironing his white flag so it looks really spiffy for the upcoming “negotiations.” Just as the Republi-cons in the Senate and House decided to take amnesty as a standalone issue attached to DHS funding in 2015, allowing Hussein Obama and Harry Reid to eventually appear to have out-maneuvered and out-witted them, the same type of discussion is underway now for the wall. Decouple it from the catch-all spending package and they’ll come back to it and address it later. Why not just include it in phase 3 of the now deceased Ryancare,? That’s almost as idiotic and pointless.

In pushing the gang of eight amnesty without using any of the words just yet, Cornyn said, “It remains to be seen. What I would like to see is a plan for how the money would be spent and a good faith discussion about what border security is really composed of. We haven’t had that.” That’s what we need more of, according to this globalist piece of trash, more talk and less action on important issues like the flood of invaders into our country, that’s what’s missing in DC.

In ominous language that screams out “I’m beaten, take whatever you want just please, don’t hurt me,”  Cornyn said with absolute certainty, “There’s not going to be a shutdown.” That could mean nothing else.

Sweet little Senator Lindsey Graham is taking the financial angle in his/her approach, saying, “The border wall is probably not a smart investment.” Good point, Graham. it’s much smarter to continue to fund rehab, incarcerate drug-addicted criminals, fund social programs, pay medical expenses and lose our jobs, standard of living and economic health in the interest of keeping the flow of illegals as is. Of course Lindsey is on the globalist payroll too, so we expect those comments out of him.

Another globalist puppet, Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) would support every American being reduced to slave wages if he only knew of a way. His record of supported increases in foreign cheap labor visas is opting for more of the same, the unmonitored, unprotected, open borders we have now. He contends, “It seems to me we could get to a reasonable compromise on a bill that I think will be less costly and more effective than just the concept of a structure. Walls need to be where wall are,[sic] but other capabilities need to be elsewhere.” There needs to be lots of holes, right Thom, the presence of a lot of holes is the key to a bill that you can support.

All three, Cornyn, Graham and Tillis were among 31 Senators who announced on March 6th that they had sent a letter to DHS in an effort to take 5,000 more American jobs and give them away to low wage foreigners. The swamp creatures are once again showing us who they are. Stop playing footsie with these snakes, President Trump. They’re sinking your agenda before you ever even get started.


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8 Comments on RINO Senators Plotting To Surrender Border Wall, Caving To Schumer’s Dictates

  1. Any of these pig rhinos, that don’t uphold the border wall will find that this is their last pass at the trough. There will be a huge uprising against these rhinos, mark my words, and you better as hell believe it.

  2. Dr. Deplorable // March 29, 2017 at 8:10 pm // Reply

    RINOs Priebus and Ryan must GO!

  3. Pres Trump HAS to know who our (his) enemies are…he has lived 70 yrs and dealt with all kinds of ‘enemies’ – SURELY he has loyal people who advise him and listen to him – SURELY he knows who these ENEMIES are — PLEASE, GOD that he knows WE, THE PEOPLE are watching and listening – and we are behind him 110% but our hands are tied as far as what is going on in DC right now? he MUST GET TOUGH AND STAY Tough ….MOST – IF NOT ALL- OF THE ELITISTS CANNOT BE TRUSTED!! they will hurt him wherever they can ..KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE BUT YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER? is this really true?………….

  4. Agree! I’ve been saying that for years! He may be a Texan, but he is a disgrace!!!

  5. Hadenoughalready // March 29, 2017 at 8:51 am // Reply

    They will pay the price come voting time when sanctuary cities go by the way of Damascus at their own hands.

  6. Face the facts, Texas Senator John Cornyn is the biggest piece of crap in DC.

  7. These rhino senators need to be stopped at all costs!

    • eric rhodes // March 29, 2017 at 7:41 pm // Reply

      We all know what to do. Speak out against this 100% Then when time to vote. Toss those who are against the USA citizens Let’s stand by are president and support each other through it all. WE THE PEOPLE need to take are country back. Get involved in local elections, state and if want house maybe congress. Plus need stand up against the Muslims who are trying to take over to. They’re not vetted like been told for years. 1 hour long video will piss you off, But the truth is told https://youtu.be/3qXL6IB9YKE

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