RINO Sen Sasse Calls TRUMP A LIAR, Blames Whites For Dem, BLM, ANTIFA Attacks

ben sasse

RINO Never Trump Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) has added to the pile of evidence that he’s an establishment turncoat selling out the American people to the globalist Democrat allies he works for.

Sasse posted on Saturday to his Facebook page his supposed views, blaming President Trump for the racism that Obama and Holder fomented for most of his two terms, which they accelerated by exploiting Ferguson.  He also faulted President Trump for Charlottesville, for not jumping on the “white racist bad, black racist good, commies best” bandwagon along with him and other gutless RINO traitors.

Included in his post was the following attack on President Trump, a portion of which he disguised as being from his constituents. Whether that stated origination is true or just the window dressing for his attacks, really doesn’t matter. Once it hits his page, it’s his message.

Sasse wrote in part, “Over the last week, many Nebraskans have told me some version of this: ‎’There are lots of us here who are ‎scared about where the country is headed. I think more violence is inevitable.’ That much seems obvious. Less expected was where some of them went next. One of my constituents, a fairly energetic Trump supporter and a middle-aged man, told me, ‘To be clear, I think the alt-Right are a bunch of a**holes, and we should admit that the President has done a bad job getting us through this. But when the next rounds of violence come, I’ll bet you most of it will come from the left. And then some folks I know will respond in kind. It’s gonna be a powder-keg.’

My wife and I work hard to have chunks of family time that are ‘politics-free’ in our home, but we haven’t been very successful this week. A few observations from our family tabletalk:

“2. America is first and foremost an Idea – that all people are endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights. This universal human dignity is because God made us; it’s not because of our race, or our wealth, or even our religious beliefs, as important as disagreements about theology are.” Sasse misses the point perhaps deliberately. While no information is provided as to the IQ of his family members, only fools would claim it is race, wealth or religion alone while excluding the Constitution and our national spirit which provides the foundation for those ideas to be put into action.

Ideas are of little value if they exist only in the mind. He can’t dismiss the Constitution out of hand like that without also putting the ideas that it upholds in serious jeopardy. Having said that, the reality is that the white race of predominantly Christians created that wealth and greatness. That is the reality, like it or not, Senator. It’s not supremacy, it’s fact and it is not something to be ashamed of or to deny.

“3. White supremacy and racism are un-American, period.” That is true Senator, but why do you specify whites? Why not include black or brown supremacy? Aren’t you being racist yourself by only identifying racism by one skin color grouping as offensive?  

“4. The heartbreak in Charlottesville was the fault of the ‎white supremacists. Heather Heyer was murdered by an act of terrorism. The driver used his car to target public marchers.” Actually she was marching with a group of anti-American leftist thugs who were attacking the white rally attendees, but Sasse won’t blame the victim, holding her accountable in some part for the consequences of her own actions. He chooses the safe, PC route instead, blaming his political enemies who had little to do with her death. She was, as he obviously knows, blocking a road by standing in it when the car hit her.

Snarky Sasse gets really vicious in describing the aftermath of another event, saying, “7. What will happen next? I doubt that Donald Trump will be able to calm and comfort the nation in that moment. He (and lots of others) will probably tell an awful combination of partial truths and outright falsehoods. On top of the trust deficits that are already baked so deeply in, unity will be very hard to come by.” He has the arrogance to call the President a liar and then bemoan disunity in the same sentence. What a POS.

The condescending Sasse says, “8. Besides ability and temperament, I also worry that national unity will be unlikely because there are some whispering in the President’s ear that racial division could be good politics for them. 9. I worry that some on the left are also going to salivate over these divisions. Like the President’s ear-whisperers, they see a divided nation as good for their political objectives.”

He goes on to implore the American people, “Let’s teach them that white supremacy is a cancer to our union.” He again gives black supremacists, BLM, AntiFa and the other thugs attacking white people the anonymity of a group identity, that of “identity politics.

Sasse closes out his attack on white people and President Trump by saying, “Let’s teach them to reject identity politics. Let’s teach them that all of us are created equal, with infinite dignity and limitless potential. Let’s teach them that what makes us Americans is not our skin, our wealth, or our religion but our shared creed.”

Don’t forget to include the demands of the Soros – Obama agitators and your fellow Democrats, Sasse, that white people must surrender their imaginary privilege, their history has to be erased and they have to submit to the demands of racists of other colors. Those objectives, along with the destruction of this nation, are the reason we find ourselves in the mess we’re in – they can’t be ignored.


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