RINO MCCAIN Pre-Judges WHITE “RACISTS” Exonerates Radicals BLM, AntiFa

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During his Tuesday Infrastructure press conference Tuesday, which turned out to be a question and answer session about the Charlottesville incident, President Trump clarified “which John McCain” a reporter was referencing in a question by asking if that’s the same one that killed the Obamacare repeal in the Senate.

In his subsequent answer President Trump was kinder than he could have been, stating to the questioner that he was sure McCain must know what he was talking about in his reference to the “alt-right” in Charlotte and their involvement in the chaos. There are few things the propagandists love more than quoting RINO McCain as if he were a sage of establishment GOP wisdom. The reporter couldn’t define or identify the “alt-right” but maybe McCain would take a shot. A cheap one, most likely.

McCain offered his comments for the consumption and the use of his leftist allies after the press briefing, tweeting, ” There’s no moral equivalency between racists [and] Americans standing up to defy hate [and] bigotry. The President of the United States should say so.”

Could the impossible be happening? Is McCain coming to his senses? Does he mean that there is no moral equivalency between a group with a permit legally protesting the removal of historical public monuments and the racist leftist BLM, communist and AntiFa  thugs who attacked them?

Is he recognizing that looking the other way as the same tactics were used by the same groups against Trump supporters, innocent Americans, was a mistake, as they are now being implemented as a matter of routine by the leftists? Is attacking Americans of any description with baseball bats, sticks, balloons filled with urine and feces and other implements of destruction not as acceptable to McCain as they are to his Democrat comrades?  

White people are finally standing up to the racist attacks by McCain, liberal Democrats

Some white people are finally standing up to the racist attacks against their heritage by liberal Democrats intent on removing every trace of American culture as they repopulate our country with third world foreigners. They are defying leftist hate and bigotry, is that what McCain was referencing?

If so that’s exactly what President Trump just said. Maybe McCain was napping and missed it. It’s more likely that bought and paid for Soros globalist tool McCain is not joining with President Trump in acknowledging that there were two sides to the conflict.

McCain is joined at the hip with the neocons and globalist liberal leftists. He’s taking the politically expedient, PC route, declaring that white people are wrong to defend themselves and that racist black agitators and commies thugs have a right to beat the crap out of them.

That’s how it is in today’s politically correct, morally incorrect America, a shadow of its once former greatness that is being actively destroyed by the traitors within, like John McCain and his DC swamp mates.


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  2. Of course McCain would cover the backs of liberal terrorists! McCain is the best Republican the Democrats have in their hip pockets!

  3. TONYA PARNELL // August 16, 2017 at 6:29 pm // Reply


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