RINO Kasich Hints He Might Leave The GOP – Like He Was Ever Really In?

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Jake Tapper has a problem with conservatives and so he’s naturally going to attack Judge Roy Moore almost as much as he attacks President Trump, at least until the December election.

He has RINO John Kasich on his program, to help him vilify Moore, who lets the secret out that he might do what should have been done long ago, drop the facade of being a Republican, leaving the GOP.

Tapper says to Kasich, “So I get that you’re not going to support Judge Moore. He believes that homosexual acts should be illegal [his right, in keeping with his religious faith].

Tappers continues, “He questions where Barack Obama was born [as he should since there is overwhelming evidence he’s a foreign fraud], he’s written that Keith Ellison, the Congressman from Minnesota, should not be allowed to serve in Congress because Ellison is a Muslim [and believes the Constitution is secondary to Sharia Law, a violation of his oath].

Tapper asks the sore-loser Soros operative who, as governor of Ohio, refused to attend the GOP convention in his own state because Trump was the nominee instead of him, “What role do you think the Republican Party should play when it comes to Roy Moore’s campaign?”

Kasich dodges the question, simply saying that he doesn’t share those positions and couldn’t “support that.” He shows the reason he’s one of the anti-Trump favorites at CNN, saying, “Those claims, I mean they’re ludicrous, and they’re divisive. And if that’s where we’re headed, then, well first of all we can’t.”

He then goes on to say, “Remember I wrote that book, ‘America United or Divided,’ you know.” No, John, nobody read it or has even heard of it besides you. He continues, “two paths – I’m on the path to say we can fix it.”

He almost pulls the trigger we’ve been hoping he would, saying, “If the Party can’t be fixed, Jake, then I’m not going to be able to support the Party, period. That’s the end of it. I mean I’m worried about our country and my kids’ future.” Growing up with a screwball like him for a dad, there’s plenty of cause for concern.

He says, unfortunately, that he hasn’t given up, that they’re doing fine in the State of Ohio, where he and Lebron James can both hold hands, take a knee and Trump bash together. He’s invited all of the illegals and refugees in America to come to his state, so he might want to make it snappy. Lebron’s taxes are about to go way up and he’s not going to be so anxious to swap spit with Kasich once the price of his liberalism hits home.

But Kasich is always running his mouth. Now the prospect of him leaving is out there. When pressed by Tapper he replied “No, not at this” and stopped short of finishing his sentence. The time might come, eh lefty? Surely that is enough to keep him from any major opportunities within the Party if his insane politics weren’t.

He belongs in the Democrat Party, he’s got no business in the GOP. His value and the reason he hasn’t already quit is as a tool of George Soros, subversive from within. His utility in that regard may now decrease.

Once again Kasich left his big mouth open. This time there was no stack of pancakes or submarine sandwich being shoved down in a “disgusting fashion” to act as an obstruction. Anything can fall out when that happens; even the truth. 


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  1. Kasick, desperately trying to be relevant and not bright enough to accomplish anything of value.

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