RINO Flake Donates To Alabama Pervert-Enabler Doug Jones’ Campaign

RINO Sen Jeff Flake made a symbolic statement that naked strange men in showers with little girls is less offensive than unproven 5 decade-old claims Roy Moore dated teenage

flake jones

Arizona’s extremely unpopular globalist RINO Senator – no, not John McCain, their other extremely unpopular globalist Senator, Jeff Flake, is reinforcing his RINO credentials on a daily basis.

On Tuesday Flake donated a whopping $100 to Alabama Senate candidate Doug Jones, who supports grown men exposing themselves to innocent and unprotected little girls and women in locker rooms, restrooms and showers. He’s not only a cheap skate RINO, he’s a hypocrite and a traitor to his nation as well.

Flake went for the drama, writing in the memo section of the check “country over party,” although he’s actually doing the exact opposite, putting his globalist Democrat Party loyalties, minimally stealth as they might still remain, ahead of what is best for the nation.

He’s doing his part to support an even slimmer margin in the Senate and put Democrats one step closer to gaining control and further enabling their obstructionism. He’s also supporting the perversion mentioned above while supposedly attacking Moore because of the claims of supposedly dating teenagers five decades ago.

It’s a stunt to help Jones, for sure, but not for the reasons stated. Flake is, in essence, a Democrat who supports anti-American open borders and the good old boy trade practices that limit the playing field to the big boys he works for.

Flake, the globalist, criticized Republicans for their hospitality towards Judge Moore after he had made a statement that Muslims should not be elected to Congress. They place the Koran as the supreme law of the land, including ours. Their swearing of allegiance to the Constitution is a sham. Judge Moore is right.

It’s telling that Senator Flake, supposedly a devout Mormon, would side with the Islamists invading our nation rather than a conservative Christian. It’s not surprising, but it is quite revealing. Both Mohammad and Mormon founder Joseph Smith had teenage wives. Just what is your outraged based upon, Senator?


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