RINO Flake Attacks Trump Supporters Wanting Trial For Clinton

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Half of Arizona’s anti-American, establishment-owned senate contingent, Jeff Flake, appeared on Meet the Press on Sunday. As he continues his appearances in his effort to sell what must be a truly torturous read, his book, Flake attacked Trump supporters, President Trump, American values and common sense. He also delivered a preemptive strike against the renewed effort to hold Democrat criminals accountable.

He described in one series of comments how he wished “we as a party” would have stood up when “the birtherism thing was going on.” He isn’t saying that Americans should have been more vocal in their support of demanding proof that Obama was who he said he was or why he was hiding his records.

He’s saying Americans shouldn’t have challenged the lie, that really standing up is lying down, rolling over, accepting what the establishment hacks like him tell us is true. A foreigner, let alone an Islamic extremist, could never steal the presidency. Wise Americans just trust and never verify.

He then moves on to “our party.” It’s not the one he’s truly working for, the America-hating globalist uniparty of the shadow government. And it isn’t their leftist face that they promote as the mechanism for advancing our destruction, the Democrats. It’s the one he pretends to share values with, the one he’s disgracing by claiming membership, the Republicans.

They’re the supposed conservative party that ties our hands through deception into believing they represent and are fighting for true American core values. Rarely do they fight for anything of substance. They merely keep us occupied and distracted to the point that we fail to truly unite as a force elsewhere on our own.

They use deception and act in service to the Establishment uniparty to give us just enough to keep us in line. We broke through with President Trump, but they’re reeling us back in. Discrediting him and bogging him down in other issues including a defense against impeachment and criminal charges is how they are working to eliminate what may be our last peaceful attempt at true self-government.

Flake demeans those who were chanting “lock her up” at Trump rallies as misguided, saying, “We shouldn’t be the party for jailing your political opponents.” His message is that criminals, such as spies, racketeers, those who sell government property for a commission, those who sell government access and political cockroaches who get Americans killed in the process of their profiteering and power grabs can take refuge in a political campaign. It’s either “do a crime, do the time” or “do a crime, run for president as a Democrat and get amnesty.”

What about Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Ben Rhodes and John Brennan and their spying on Americans and President Trump’s campaign, Senator? What about the dirty tricks, smears and lies they propagated through  Fusion GPS and elsewhere? Shouldn’t Gloria Allred have to explain how these lost puppies all ended up at her doorstep at once with their stories of abuse during previous decades?

Should they all be granted amnesty as well for their crimes since they were acting on behalf of kingpins Obama and Clinton? The magnanimous Senator Flake understands they were only doing the bidding of their masters, just as he is in this interview. Mr. Soros likes a common theme and “Party” unity. It wouldn’t be “fair” to prosecute any of them. Gang of Eight member Flake presents amnesty as not being just for illegal alien border-crashers anymore, it’s for his cronies too.

He says anybody at those rallies and presumably on a potential grand jury, should stand up and say, “that’s inappropriate, we shouldn’t be doing that,” adding that when particularly ugly conspiracy theories and fake news come out , Republicans should stand up.

Does he mean standing up in a manner such as he is doing in defense of President Trump against the ugly fake news of Russia, Russia, Russia and the Mueller witch hunt? You are standing firmly on that moral high ground of yours in defense of the President, aren’t you Senator?

Of course he’s not. Flake is nothing more than a lying, establishment, never-Trump hypocrite doing everything he can to take down our president. That includes interviews with his comrade, Chuck Todd.


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10 Comments on RINO Flake Attacks Trump Supporters Wanting Trial For Clinton

  1. Flake, you said,” Wise Americans just trust and never verify. ” No! You are off by, I’d say, 180 degrees. Here’s the truth… Never trust a doctor fore he will kill you! Never trust a lawyer because he will rob you! Never trust a politician because they will rob then kill you! Then you go on to say that your party should not go after Hillary Clinton. Yes, Hillary Clinton should go to prison for her corruption and her inability to tell the truth. If the Republican party would all just stop lieing and tell more truths than lies. Stop covering up and telling half truths. Tell the truth! Also, name calling Democrats is bad? It has gone on for more years than I can remember! You sound more like one of those Globalists and you damn sure do not like Trump. That’s BS but still, your opinion. The American people voted Trump into office. Get behind him or get out. The Democratic party AND the Republican party have been compromised for years. Both sides have eroded morals and values. Get them, morals and values, back to basics! We the People feel that we are being attacked by the left and a small number of the right. If you have a problem, you need to rationalize whether you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution because you are sounding more like a Dem than a Repub…

  2. Robert.
    no need to apologize pard. no one can read another heart or TRUE INTENTIONS UNTIL THAT PERSON ACTS AGAINST THE FAITH PUT INTO THEM TO BE A JUST PERSON.

  3. Dianna Wolfe // August 7, 2017 at 12:52 pm // Reply

    Flake forgets the birther thing began with the Clinton gang.

  4. Being from Az I want to apologize for 2 assholes. Rino McCain and that other flake.


  6. Soros should be hog-tied and sent to Russia as a “gift”. They would take care of him. We could send Flake along as a small token of esteem. RINOs are better at lying that democrats are, and that’s saying a lot. As far as Obama goes, his Harvard records state he was a foreign citizen, and that’s enough for me.

  7. Kelleigh Nelson // August 7, 2017 at 9:09 am // Reply

    There are still strong rumors of Flake being involved heavily with Pizzagate, and he’s a close friend of Pence’s. Vote him out.

  8. Alton Robinson // August 7, 2017 at 7:40 am // Reply

    Flake is just another liberal rino, he needs to go ahead and change to demmie. There has never been any proof oblammer was born in the USA. Just because he said he was does not make it so. I watched a clip when he was running for senator where he said how great America was where it allowed a man born in kenya to run for such a high office. If he had nothing to hide why did he spend so much to hide his past. Why is he afraid to release his birth records, or his school records, his draft record, his passport record. Really what do we know about the man? Nothing. He has proven he is a muzzie by his record.

    • Oblammer never legally became President of the United States. Everything he did while supposedly in the office was a scam. The current DOJ should call for a “special prosecutor” to investigate the b’tard.

      Flake is nothing more than one sick sorry piece of shit.

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