RINO Sen Cornyn Joining “Chuck And Nancy” In Favor Of DACA Amnesty First

john cornyn

Open borders Senator John Cornyn (RINO-TX) is, predictably urging the Trump Administration not to link their agreement to amnesty for DACA illegals to reductions in legal immigration, an often abused means of putting Americans out of work in favor of low wage foreigners.

The US Chamber of Commerce-owned Cornyn, McConnell’s number two in the Senate, said Congress should have a “bigger debate” about the appropriate levels of immigration, separate from passing an amnesty for the DACA illegals.

Globalist Cornyn wants both amnesty and increases in legal immigration, so he naturally wants to have separate debates, one which grants DACA amnesty and a second one which ultimately raises a variety of immigration levels, putting more Americans out of work and lowering wage scales even further.

Cornyn told reporters on Thursday, “We ought to be narrowly focused on the DACA fix that the President’s asked us to consider … and then we can turn to these other issues in the next legislation.” Cornyn said he’s in favor of “merit-based immigration” a misnomer, as it implies a right to immigrate that does not exist and merely shifts the type of Americans that are robbed of opportunities to the more skilled.

Pitching his argument for amnesty now and open borders later, Cornyn said, “The most immediate thing we can do is to address the DACA situation. And I think the most logical way forward is to tie that to border security and interior enforcement.” Not real security, like the border wall. Cornyn is once again promising what won’t be delivered. He’s asking that trusting souls give him what he wants now in exchange for weak, in name only measures that do nothing and promises that are never intended to be kept.

President Trump sent a proposal on Sunday evening to Congress that outlined his requirements for cooperation on the DACA issue, a far cry from the surrender “Chuck and Nancy” thought they had hoodwinked him into.

Cornyn warned last Thursday that tying cuts to legal immigration in the DACA debate could sink legislation altogether. We should be so lucky. He acknowledged the dysfunction of the Senate and the reality that the open borders Democrats and establishment RINOs like him have no intention of actual compromise on any of their demands.

He said, “I think the problem is once we start getting into the legal immigration debate, and what the appropriate fixes are, then we are in danger of getting back into the comprehensive immigration reform debate, which leaves us basically empty handed.” He knows the Senate and that the loyalties of most of its members lie elsewhere, not with the American people.

Right now he’s supporting the illegals taking our jobs and destroying wages and doing so on behalf of the employers who fund his campaigns. They’re the same ones hiring the legal immigrants at levels which kill opportunities for Americans who should be entering the work for and lower our standard of living across the board. Cornyn and McConnell are deceivers claiming to be conservatives when they are really sellouts doing the bidding of their puppeteers.


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5 Comments on RINO Sen Cornyn Joining “Chuck And Nancy” In Favor Of DACA Amnesty First

  1. NO AMNESTY Period! Though Trump’s “fix” is nearly do-able, it’s not quite there! If we HAVE TO accept DACA recipients (only those who haven’t committed ANY crimes), then NO PARENTS or any other relation! And leave in the rest of the “fixes”. Cornyn needs to shut up or get out, impeach the Dips***!

  2. What we are hearing, including “comprehensive” reform, is a far cry from the promises made during the campaign.

    I eagerly await the next move in the 4D chess game. pfffffttt.

    these people come into office promising the MOON, and the MINUTE their SWORN IN THEY SHOW THEIR REAL AGENDAS.

  4. All in favor of shipping Cornyn and all that voted for him, into outer space, raise your hand.

  5. Kelleigh Nelson // October 10, 2017 at 9:41 am // Reply

    Well, we know he’s McCain’s water boy. Would we expect any less. And tell you what, I can’t wait to be rid of Senator Corker in TN, but unfortunately it’ll either be another just like him … unless we can get Mae Beavers in. The rest are not just RINOs, but neo-con Trotskyites.

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