RINO Collins Joins Tapper Accusing Trump Of Hurting American Citizens

susan collins

Maine Senator Susan Collins breathlessly told her leftist ally Jake Tapper on CNN how the “evil” Trump is taking insurance away from poor people by forcing Congress to appropriate the money that they allowed Obama to simply take.

It’s a great scheme for the well connected establishment types, to structure a system where Americans are forced to buy your product and also forced to pay for others who don’t have the money to do so on their own through subsidies. Then, in the unlikely situation that a non-establishment, non-profiteering man of the people is elected and tries to put a stop to it, accuse him of being a heartless elite who hates people of less means and with darker skin. 

The dishonest RINO Collins is asked about President Trump’s executive order eliminating the illegal Obamacare subsidies, asking her if he’s not “blowing up Obamacare,” ignoring the fact that it is already imploding and is only surviving through the illegal wealth confiscation and redistribution to the insurance companies that Trump has now eliminated.

Collins, who always sounds like she’s just one more drink away from slurring her words, tells Tapper, “Jake, the debate in Washington has been on whether or not to repeal and replace Obamacare ‘in the future.'” Actually that isn’t true, there hasn’t been any debate on any bills because she and five other Senators chose not to allow one. It wasn’t the future, it’s the recent past.

She continued, “What the President is doing is affecting the ability of vulnerable people to receive health care right now.” She defends the subsidies in lobbyist approved language, saying, “This is not a bailout of the insurers.” She’s correct, it’s not a bailout – it’s a jackpot.

Ignoring the fact that Congress never appropriated the money and that it is illegally being taken from one group of citizens and given to another that includes illegal aliens, she plays the largely irrelevant humanitarian card. Collins says, “What this money is used for is to help low income people afford their deductibles and their co-pays so that their healthcare is available to them.”

She labels the Trump executive orders “disruptive” and “destabilizing.” Maybe she and her fellow legislators should do their jobs and appropriate the money if they think it’s so worthwhile. She blocked every attempt to even take up the issue, siding with her Democrat comrades against President Trump. She really has no room to talk.

Tapper then builds on her foundation to remark to the audience that President Trump is taking actions to hurt American citizens, with Collins affirming, “I do believe that.” And illegals, too, Jake, don’t forget about all of the illegals and “refugees” we’re supporting against our will as well.

She also does some PR work for her fellow globalist profiteer, Senator Bob Corker, who she says is a friend of hers and is a very valuable leader. That’s exactly what we would expect one globalist leech to say in defense of another. She also compliments President Trump’s globalist national security team so that she can help to shift credit for his successes away from the President and onto them.

Collins goes on to portray President Trump as an amateur, saying that “he needs to realize that his words really matter.” He understands that. That’s why he says them. He’s at war with not only America’s foreign enemies but domestic threats such a Collins internally. He’s well aware of how to use his words and their significance.

Tapper asks her if she’s decided to remain in the Senate because she’s an “independent check” [RINO] on President Trump. She serves up the typical tripe about being able to best represent the people of [insert home state here] and the US from the Senate.

She talks of how valuable she is in dealing with the threat from North Korea or frustrated families who need tax reform, probably the same frustrated families she forced to remain chained to Obamacare. “The issues are just huge right now,” she says. It’s as plain as the nose on her face.

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6 Comments on RINO Collins Joins Tapper Accusing Trump Of Hurting American Citizens

  1. Dr Rolland Kerr // October 16, 2017 at 10:05 am // Reply

    Susan Collins does not need a mask for Halloween!

  2. She’s a major do-gooder, as long as it doesn’t affect her. Let her and others like her pay all subsidies of those do-nothings who cry all day long. I really can’t stand that type of person.

  3. Lying hag! Bought and paid for by the Soros globalism group.

  4. We may be the deplorables but she and the rest of her ilk are the despicables. New England has really gone socialist. Way back in the day the New England states were a great place. Let’s hope we can retake the country to the one I remember.

    Too bad none f them will be investigated. I think a good many of us would enjoy these clowns being frog marched.

  5. Hadenoughalready // October 16, 2017 at 7:50 am // Reply

    I never could stand that rickety old bitch. She should have bowed out years ago; like her senile cohort Olympia Snow. Now to get rid of chief dipshit “Anus” King…


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