Richard Gere Big Time Bashing America, President Trump In Germany

richard gere


Notorious gerbil crippler Richard Gere is in Germany for the promotion of his latest stupid movie, the title of which isn’t worth mentioning. The America-hating liberal trash took it upon himself to attack our President from the stage of the Berlin event, saying, without anything to back it up, “The number of hate crimes went up enormously as soon as Donald Trump started running for president, in the United States and in Europe.” In America the attacks were by agitators of color against whites and in Europe they were perpetrated largely by their Chancellor’s invaders. It’s a fact they already and one that tells the audience they’re listening to a moron.

But Gere was just beginning his belittlement of our nation in front of his elite comrades. He said, “Unfortunately, we have leaders that stimulate fear, and that fear causes us to do really terrible things. I think that’s part of what we’re talking about in the film. We have to be really careful how we talk to each other and characterize each other. The most horrible thing Trump has done is conflate the terms refugee and terrorist. It means the same thing in the U.S. now. A refugee used to be someone who you had empathy for, who you wanted to help and give refuge to. Now we’re afraid of them. We have to really understand what he and this conservative movement have done and not forget we’re all in this together. We can’t escape each other’s realities. We have to embrace each other and love each other.”

Actually, you pandering self-righteous pile of dung, it’s the acts of terrorism that have caused the fear. It’s not something that was created out of whole cloth like your excuses. If you can remember that far back, when you were a kid or a young man, before the “religion of peace” got a foothold, there was no such thing as terrorism. Maybe your German audience can remember what happened at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Besides, doesn’t hugging refugees interfere with their target acquisition and their ability to shoot accurately?

Gere didn’t stop with the stage show, though, he sat down for a substance-free interview in which he continued to project his own flaws upon his opposition. He said of President Trump, “Our President has pushed it to the limit, it can’t go any further than this. I mean it’s, he came out of reality show television, he’s like a game show host.” Pat Sajak and Chuck Woolery are pretty sharp guys, so surely that was intended as a compliment.

He continues, “There’s no truth to it, no center to it.” He goes on to make a reference to the old Wendy’s commercials staring Clara Peller, who became well known for her line of “where’s the beef.” Not able to identify her, the restaurant or anything much beyond the one line, he tells the “joke” anyway, demonstrating why he’s an unpopular actor instead of a comedian. She was just an insignificant “flyover American” who only matters to the degree that they buy movie tickets. After this performance in Germany, he’s not going to have them to worry about anymore.

Gere laughs as if the gerbil just hit that special spot saying, “And with him there’s no beef there, there’s no protein.” We all know Richard likes men for their protein. He continues, “there’s no center, it’s uh, there’s no resonance.” He can be sure these comments of his are going to resonate with the American people, though it will likely be in a way other than what he intended.

Gere then describes a musical note played on a piano as resonating, his next way of bashing our President, saying, “it just keeps going. There’s nothing on him that keeps going.” Discount the fact that he works close to 18 hours a day, sometimes more, without taking days off, for no money and is doing it strictly in the interest of saving our nation. You’re right Gere, he’s not a pretentious libtard. He never claimed to be, that’s part of why he was elected and the criminal your party ran wasn’t.

As he bashes our President from Germany, he’s asked about their open borders globalist leader, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s politics, to which he responds, “Well, she’s the last one standing, obviously.” It hasn’t occurred to the wise repeater of what other people wrote down to ask why the rest of the like-minded invasion advocates are dropping like flies. As for Merkel, that situation will be remedied by the German people in fall elections.

He says, “I mean we in the US look to her now as the voice of reason, the voice of wisdom, of vision, responsibility, of empathy. She’s made some very hard decisions here at a difficult time in Europe, unfortunately we don’t have a leader who does that.” Nobody looks to her for anything other than to assign blame and anticipate the next attack, but destroying a continent isn’t supposed to be easy.

Enjoy the rest of your time in Europe, Gere. Call it the beginning of your retirement because once those comments become widely known, your movie career is done. We didn’t like you before, but we flyover people can’t stand traitors badmouthing us or our President to foreigners.

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