Susan Rice Critical Of President Trump Because He’s NOT IRAN’S FOOL

susan rice

The woman who played a key role in saddling America with a nuclear armed Iran in the future chose to ignore the constant barrage from the regime of calls for “death to America” even while engaged in negotiations.

She, Obama and Kerry also loaded them up with cash, a gesture of submissive capitulation that was surely pleasing to Iranian Valerie Jarrett, an influential voice in what took place that Rice and the others responsible like to pretend doesn’t and didn’t exist.

Rice says in an interview with globalist Mrs. Andrea Greenspan, that the US needs to be negotiating now on what comes after the current deal expires, presumably when they enter their next phase of nuclear arms development and are able to target Israel for near instantaneous destruction.

She says that dealing with the mess they’ve created, preferably from a position of weakness in further expanding on Iranian power, “is worth doing, but we can’t do that when we’re hurling threats, threatening to walk out, acting like a spoiled child at the dinner table.”

As the spoiled child, Rice, insults the grownup left to clean up the mess the children of the Obama regime left from their nuclear food fight, the Trump administration has still yet to equal the insults and provocative actions of her allies in Iran. They’ve never uttered “death to Iran.” She’s been empowering the petulant, corrupt and evil diplomatic children and is one herself.

She further asserts that it is in our best interest to remain in the horrible deal as long as Iran is complying, or so long as they are able to use the one sided agreement to disguise and hide their nuclear weapons development program with the appearance of complying with the agreement, “which it is.”

To that extent, the globalists negotiated a perfect deal to assist Mrs. Jarrett’s homeland in their ambitions of global domination or, at a minimum, global terrorism.

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