Rice Defends McMaster For Giving Obama Operatives Security Clearances

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There’s that old adage that you judge people by the company they keep and another one about who their friends are. There should be a particular DC Swamp variety that declares you can judge people by the type of lying globalist trash they enable, particularly if they later feel compelled to help them justify their actions.

Judging from the remarks made by notorious liar, deep state globalist and Obama lackey, Susan Rice, McMaster is everything she’s desperately trying to claim he isn’t. In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Rice defended HR McMaster, essentially an Obama -Soros operative himself, from attacks by President Trump’s unhappy patriot base.

The woman who used to head the NSC for Obama and Soros vouched for the guy who currently does, saying, the attacks against him over his decision to renew security clearances for her and other Obama top level operatives were unfair. Life isn’t fair, Rice. Unmasking names of your political opponents and then smearing and persecuting them isn’t fair but that didn’t slow Rice, Power, Rhodes or Obama down one bit.

She said it’s a precedent that is observed by both Democrats and Republicans, to renew the security clearances of their top officials. Hillary Clinton has set a precedent in stealing, storing at home and then selling government documents. Does that mean we are now bound to permit that in all future administrations as well?

Susan Rice unmasked private American citizens and the entire cabal that was the Obama regime engaged in treasonous acts against the United States, followed by a still ongoing cover up. This situation is unique, at least we can pray that it is.

The Obama and Clinton syndicates have proven that they can’t be trusted with our secrets and have no legitimate reason for their access. If they are convicted and end up going to prison will McMaster still continue to provide their clearances? No, probably not. Be proactive, HR. You know they’re crooks just as the rest of us do. Why are you so determined to give them more opportunities to sellout this nation? 

In familiar fashion, Rice was lying to Blitzer, saying that those critical of her renewed security clearance were trying to “make an issue where there’s not one.” She said of her fellow globalist, “General McMaster, according to the White House statement, renewed the security clearances of all of his former advisers and living presidents of the United States. That is customary to do when a new administration comes in, and all of the prior ones have done the same.”

“I think it is really, unfortunately, an opportunity and an excuse for those that are now quite unfairly, in my judgment, attacking General McMaster to make an issue where there is not one.”

Asked whether she and comrade McMaster have been in contact since he was given the position in February, Rice confirmed that they had by refusing to answer. She said, “I think I would rather not answer that. I think, let us just say it is customary for sitting national security advisers, I know from my own experience, to be in touch with predecessors to understand what challenges and issues they wrestled with and what options they considered.”

Gotcha Rice, you talk all the time. You’re two peas in a corrupt, treasonous pod, to use another old adage.


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7 Comments on Rice Defends McMaster For Giving Obama Operatives Security Clearances

  1. Since when does Rice have a say in what’s going on in Washington. She needs to be investigated, along with the turn coat McMaster. Somebody needs to wake up the President about all of the back stabbers he has around him. Higgins tried to, but he ended up resigning. His memo was right on. Why are these people so blind?

  2. Deplorable Doctor // August 12, 2017 at 9:53 pm // Reply

    Rich Higgins, a former NSC director of strategic planning who was fired, NEEDS TO BE APPOINTED “CHIEF OF STAFF ASAP.” Fire McMaster!

  3. Is Trump really going to keep McMaster on? It seems the U.S. is being set up for destruction by the lunatics in both Parties.

  4. Top Security Clearance should have to be earned. Anyone questionable in any way should not have it. Rice, Obama, Lynch, et al should not be allowed anywhere near Top Security of any kind! They are all traitors to the United States of America and need to be Locked Up in a Top Security prison. That’s as close as they should get.

  5. TONYA PARNELL // August 11, 2017 at 4:47 pm // Reply


  6. Freddie Arthur Hisle // August 11, 2017 at 3:35 pm // Reply

    Fire mcMaster, then revoke all the security clearances he approved; then revoke all the obutHole leftovers security clearances.

    • Freddie: did you know that Crooked Hillary still has her security clearance? The President needs to get rid of all of these leftist people and those that were appointed by Obama. We need to fire Mueller also. He’s another snake in the grass, probably getting paid by Obama and Soros.

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