Rice Acts Like A Guilty Defendant As She Denies Wrongdoing In Unmasking, Spy Scandal

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The two Council on Foreign Relations shadow government comrades, Fareed Zakaria and Susan Rice, put on a stage performance in what is an obvious attempt at damage control for her being caught spying on Americans and to try to stem the tide of negative publicity that is inevitable, given her likely hearings before Congressional intelligence committees.

Rice is infamous for her five network lie-fest to attempt to mislead the American people on the Obama regime’s misadventures in Benghazi which resulted in the deaths of four Americans, the incident she falsely claimed to be a response to a YouTube video. She’s not doing much better with today’s little “why I’m innocent and a patriot” skit.

It’s obvious she’s been coached and was waiting for the signal words “Donald Trump has accused you” from her theatrical partner, as she immediately begins with the deep breathing to lower her blood pressure, keep a more calm appearance, hold her voice at a normal level and put on the appearance of being comfortable. Clearly she’s not comfortable, she appears to be under duress, reacting as if she’s being interrogated. Perhaps she is.

The eye-blinking gets pretty intense, becoming more repetitive as she get to the point of delivering the lie, as she’s asked about her alleged criminal espionage. Zakaria says, “Donald Trump has accused you of trying to unmask the Americans on the other end of those conversations in an  attempt to implicate the Trump campaign or people associated with Trump in some kind of collusion with Russia. What is your reaction to that, it’s an extraordinary charge by the President of the United States.”

With all the false sincerity and much less of the credibility of the previous lie-fest following Benghazi, Rice replies, “Well, Fareed, it’s absolutely false. I’ve addressed this previously (I’ve lied about it before), I think we’ve had, subsequently, members of Congress on the Intelligence Committees on both sides of the aisle, take a look at the information that apparently was the basis for Chairman Nunes’ concern, and say publicly that they didn’t see anything that was unusual or “untoward.” The backup she’s talking about came from fellow Democrat partisan hacks like Rep Adam Schiff, who is as unbelievable as her. They’re circling the wagons, doing their best to cover for her, Obama, Clinton and their deep state corruption.

She finished off that statement, the “nothing unusual to see here” part, with another flurry of eye flapping. Just who is the supposed Republican who said that they didn’t see anything unusual and how is he able to make that statement in advance of her testimony and the conduct of the investigation? If the questions have been answered already, why are Republicans still seeking her testimony? Why are Russian president Putin and Russia suddenly no longer an issue for Democrats who were so butt-hurt about it before the Rice information came out? Did they overplay their fabricated hand just a bit and expose their own, very serious criminal wrongdoing?

She plays her weak hand, the victim and patriot cards, forcing an painfully contrived smile in the process, saying, “I did my job, which was to protect the American people (Those named Clinton, Podesta, Jarrett – Obama’s an American?) and I did it faithfully and to the best of my ability. (By spying on and collecting data on the Trump campaign and information for potential blackmail.)

She adds, “And never did I do anything that was “untoward” with respect to the intelligence I received.”

Since Rice is obviously making an effort to use the word “untoward” as the basis for her denial, it’s helpful to see just how that word is defined in the dictionary. Merriam-Webster defines untoward as:

1:  difficult to guide, manage, or work with :  unruly, intractable

2a :  marked by trouble or unhappiness :  unlucky

  b :  not favorable :  adverse, unpropitious untoward side effects

3:  improper, indecorous

Which definition was rice using, the one in which she would stating that she had no trouble managing  her espionage? Maybe, if she actually meant the third definition of improper, she should have used the word “improper,” or perhaps the word “illegal.” She almost certainly chose the language she did because of the wiggle room if afforded her. Snakes need to be able to wiggle.

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  1. I can’t even listen to the pathological liar. I have enough of these lying scum . I call BULLSHIZZLE!

  2. Rick, please don’t insult “snakes” that way.

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