Reuters Stages Fake Sudan Refugee Escape From US To Canada Story

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Reuters is part of the globalist establishment media, and their reporting should always be viewed with a healthy bit of skepticism. There’s a few things about this video of a supposed escape by “refugees” into Canada that don’t seem to add up.

One question is why is the Border Patrol Agent’s uniform is a different color from the familiar green.  A check through Google images didn’t turn up any photos of a CBP agent in a tan uniform, be it winter or summer, long sleeve or short. There were some tactical uniforms in tan but they were different and for use by swat type agents. That doesn’t seem to be the case here.

The CBP car doesn’t appear to have any of the customary red and blue lights and to have 2 wheel drive vehicles assigned to this area seems a bit odd. The markings for the door are positioned in the bottom half where an image search on Google indicates it’s customarily placed in the top. It’s too blurred to read so there’s no way to be sure.

Another question that might be asked is how was a group of eight, composed largely of children and women, able to flee through the snow, outrunning a border agent, and elude capture? How did the CBP officer happen to show up at the same time a Reuters photographer was there to capture the events on film? How were the women and children seen running away able to return for their luggage without being captured by the “evil American?”

The narrative has the man who was interviewed seated inside the van and then standing outside and again, able to grab eight passports and evade the officer. He’s shown in a later photo on the trail of the “immigrant” male a having made it to the border with the CBP officer clearly putting forth no effort to capture him. We’re supposed to believe he made it to safety just in the nick of time.

How did the Canadian Mounted Police know when to be in this rural location to greet their new dependents/ terrorist sympathizers? How did they identify the spot? The first picture has some signage and appears to have a gate arm. Are they at a Canadian RCMP station and if so, why not just got to the building instead of the theatrics in the snow? Does that mean the other photos, in addition to the storyline, are fake?

There also appears to be a second vehicle in the first frame, with a civilian bent over next to it. Is that a second taxi for the group? Is that the Reuters’ taxi and if so did they coordinate their arrival with the taxi of the Sudanese? Did they have a staff Sudanese speaker make the arrangements?

Another question is where did they escape to? The road is behind them and they don’t put parallel roads into these remote areas. If they’re planning on walking to the next road with five or six kids they may want to consider just returning to Sudan; they might get there quicker.

Just yesterday the Associated Press ran what many feel was a deliberately false story, that was not sourced and untrue about 100,000 national guard being used to help roundup illegals. Now, the second largest news agency behind them, Reuters, offers this “novella” for consumption by the illegals in the US.

How instilling fear serves the globalists’ interests is not clear, but apparently they believe it will. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be going to all the trouble to create these false stories and depict the Trump administration in a negative light. 2018 mid-term elections aren’t that far away. Politics could be the answer.

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7 Comments on Reuters Stages Fake Sudan Refugee Escape From US To Canada Story

  1. they’re not trying to create fear among illegal aliens; they’re trying to incite anger in leftists. if the left manages some sort of coup (could be; some in the federal government seem to be trying to undercut mr. trump with leaks), such anger would likely result in an “i TOLD U so!” mindset that would placidly go along with the coup.

  2. Are you contending that Reuters made up the story or speculating that they did based on your questions?

  3. I didn’t see this before but I’m glad you caught it. This post needs to be seen by everyone. They didn’t look all that scared to me anyway. More like an outing to play in the snow. I wonder where they got all their money to buy such nice clothes and pay for a taxi?

  4. Hadenoughalready // February 19, 2017 at 2:41 pm // Reply

    The Kardashians in burqas. “Ali min Sitqom bin Quillyootumorow’s” on the run.
    Just another drama episode to obfuscate, downplay, the reality and truthfulness of a genuine INVASION.

  5. Good catch

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