Reporting Innuendo As Fact On Russian “Hack” – This Is CNN Fake News

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CNN makes the statement that they “have learned President-elect Trump will soon be briefed by leaders of the US intelligence community, including chief spy James Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan on the unprecedented interference of the US election system.” Trump announced his meeting last week but if she was watching mainstream fake news it’s understandable it might not have been reported.

As for the “unprecedented interference,” it has yet to be substantiated beyond a partisan claim and cover up by notorious liars Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama. That’s why Mr. Trump is going to hear first hand for himself. It’s another brilliant move, given the stakes, with the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats and the imposition of sanctions and building closures.

He really has to watch what Clapper and Brennan say for word parsing and omissions. It would be an act of sheer foolishness if Trump were to trust the words of the demonstrated liar, Obama. Surely General Flynn will be at his side during the briefing as well to help guard against the kind of intelligence massaging that has been a staple of the Obama regime, such as with CENTCOM and ISIS.

The reporter for CNN says, “‘president’ Obama ordered the full review last month to look at the cyber intrusions impacting US elections going back to 2008 and specifically the hack against the Democrat Party during the 2016 election.” Again, until proof is shown there is no reason to believe that what Julian Assange is saying is untrue, that it was a leak from someone inside the campaign or elsewhere, not a state actor of any identity and very likely not even a hack at all.

The CNN reporter expects that evidence of Russian involvement will contain “newly declassified information laying out the evidence supporting the intelligence community’s assessment that the Russian government is the perpetrator. Of course she hasn’t seen the report and has no idea what will be in it. Still, when you work for CNN, fake news and propaganda are your programming staples. Innuendos are really lying, if it turns out that Obama and Clinton actually don’t have the support of the intelligence community or that they’re once again fudging the results for political reasons.

They then trot out the only guy in Washington DC with less credibility than Josh Earnest, State Department spokesman John Kirby, who says similar things, “‘president’ Obama and this administration is 100% certain in the role that Russia played in trying to sow doubt and confusion, in getting involved through the cyber domain into our electoral process. The information is there and it’s rock solid.”

Excuse us for knowing what liars you people are, Kirby, but even if the Russians had hacked the DNC and Clinton documents, nobody ever challenged their veracity. WikiLeaks has a perfect record in that regard so how is allowing Americans to see what a corrupt manipulative and abusive candidate is doing to them and their country indicative of a desire to sow doubt and confusion? Wouldn’t that doubt, if present, be well deserved and the revelations lead to less confusion than having an erroneous viewpoint of that crooked candidate? How rock solid is your lying assurance of anything?

She then reports more innuendo as fact, stating, “Tonight, US officials tell CNN companies across the country have detected IP addresses and malware that could be connected to Russian hackers. If it could be connected it could also not be connected. But that doesn’t advance the Democrat and establishment’s anti-Trump, pro-Clinton narrative.

She’s really impressed that the corrupt DHS and compromised FBI put out a joint statement with a name given to the potential hacking. If she had bothered to read the report she’d know it was heavy on fluff and speculation as well as boilerplate best practices for security and contained very little relevant information. It also came with a disclaimer in the header that neither agency stood behind the content.

The CNN propagandist then makes the outlandish connection that because the keyboards used contained Cyrillic text it must have been the Russians in that instance too. Apparently they’re only owned by government hackers, nobody else. Fake news is not a product of the small guys on the right side of the political spectrum. It is CNN and the other big boys of the mainstream media in conjunction with the federal government and establishment political types. They accurately prove that point with every misleading and sensationalized report, such as this one, that they choose to broadcast.

It may turn out that the Russians were in some way involved. It also may not. Reporting propaganda as fact is not helpful in either case.

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3 Comments on Reporting Innuendo As Fact On Russian “Hack” – This Is CNN Fake News

  1. Dr. Deplorable // January 5, 2017 at 12:56 am // Reply

    James Clapper liked to Congress Under Oath! So what? Iraq to issue INTERNATIONAL ARREST WARRANT FOR GEORGE W. Bush… DEAD OR ALIVE! It’s about time!

  2. Did you hear the story about how all the men at CNN are pedophiles and all the women are lesbians?

  3. And of course the main point, EVERYBODY, is what is in the material. Not how it came to be leaked to the public.

    Keep your eye on the other hand, Joe and Jill Public. Not on the hand that the Obama admin and TPTB are trying to get you to concentrate on. And don’t forget that material, as TPTB try to demonize Russia (as part of their plan to try to take down the alt. media in this country, by labeling it under ‘Russian influence’). it’s damning stuff. All the more reason that our erstwhile Masters are trying to shift the public’s attention away from it all.

    The ones “trying to sow doubt and confusion” are the s.o.b.’s in our country, playing their New World Order scenario games. Don’t let them get away with it.

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