Reporter Attempts To Fabricate Obama Legacy, How About “America Killer?”

obama legacy


AP’s Julie Pace clearly was given the assignment, “Go out and pretend that Hussein Obama was the farthest thing from what he actually was – a legitimate and good American president.” She pulled it off, as in she got through the segment, though whether she retains a smidgen of credibility or reputation afterwards is a question that remains to be answered. “Not much,” is getting the heavy betting action right now.

Commie Mika asks comrade Julie if there will be anything beyond Obama’s black half and the Lillie Ledbetter Act that will hold up. Pace makes the critical and probing observation that his blackness won’t be taken away from him, so his chief accomplishment is a genetic one. Almost as compelling as Hillary Clinton’s plumbing. It still doesn’t negate his constitutional ineligibility; nothing does.

She has difficulty telling the lie, stepping around it instead to describe him safely as “a consequential ‘president,’ rather than anti-American, racist commie UN agent, caliphate proponent. She left out nation killer, failing to point out Libya, Iraq, Germany or the United States.

If she needed help with her memory, Pace could have reviewed this article from when Josh Earnest embarked down a similar dead end path, making the claim that Obama had been scandal-free in his administration. From the moment he ascended to the cheap imitation throne, lacking proper citizenship, and every second of his miserable assault on this nation that has followed has been an illegitimate and scandalous nightmare for those who don’t, like Ms. Pace, draw their sustenance at the establishment media/ White House trough.

She never once uses the word success in describing his record, rather he “dealt with” issues. Discounting the dishonest claim of a lack of scandal as a total, nauseating falsehood, she clearly made that claim as a means of pretending that he was everything he isn’t, and because of the reality that she was unable to come up with any real accomplishment of any substance.

She further insults the audience to say that this racist anti-American, anti-Christian dictator was beloved by the American people, along with his family of parasites and questionable gender-confused individuals lacking birth records and documentation of their own. They were loved by the same commies and parasites who voted for them and loathed by average everyday Americans tired of supporting their opulence and Marxist wealth redistribution, particularly to foreign invaders that we didn’t want here in the first place and who were forced upon us by the illegal alien dictator.

She goes on to say reiterate his lack of accomplishments, saying that so much of the presidency is not what you do in terms of policy but it’s also the tone that you set.” Okay, then Pace, we hate his arrogance and condescending tone, too, thanks for reminding us. It’ something you probably couldn’t hear as you were being fed scripted responses, what with your ears buried behind the sides of that DC trough.

She tries to sound thoughtful and bail out her extremely shallow candidate by comparing him to Donald Trump. The fact that after eight years she has to draw comparisons to the man who has 25 days until he reports for his first day of duty shouts volumes as to the pathetic non-legacy this pretend dictator leaves behind.

I’ll make it easy for you, Pace, since you’re struggling so mightily. “He tried to kill America and failed.” That’s it, that’s the Obama legacy; you’re welcome.

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