Reporter Attacked By Merkel’s Marauders While On Air Promoting Their Cause

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Francesca Parisella is a reporter for the Italian television program “The Matrix,” which focuses on security related issues in Italy and Rome in particular. At approximately 11:30 one evening she began her broadcast from the Station Terminal of Rome, a location in which many of Merkel’s imported dependent foreigners sleep overnight on the ground.

As she was embarking on a typical, sappy “what can we do for these poor people” episode, the imposing guests that her network chooses to champion and seems to think the people of Italy somehow owe a better life to, the subjects of her pity woke up. They saw Francesca as an opportunity for some immediate relief, financial and probably otherwise.

She identifies the “refugees” as being of Central African origin, and others from Northern Africa Maghreb region. Perhaps they didn’t teach them it’s not nice to rape and steal in the part of the primitive, jungle, desert, seaside or mountains where they belong.

As the reporter explains in general their lives in Italy while travelling northward towards Milan, and within a minute of beginning the report, the camera shakes and she says, “We’ve been assaulted.” Moments later the camera goes still as she screams at the top of her lungs and video shows an assailant running away with what appears to a purse in his possession. What appears to be a taxi can be seen backing up towards her as well.

The studio host tells her to “get out of there,” a course of action she had probably already come up with on her own.  He then instructs the producer to call the police to report what is happening. As they switch back to the reporter Francesca and her cameraman, they have made it to the inside of a taxi and are filming what appears to be police or military officials questioning some unknown and verbally combative individuals.

It’s amazing, with all of this going on in Germany, France, Sweden, Italy and across the EU as a whole, that the compliant peasants have not yet stood up to their dictators in Brussels. They will eventually be forced to, but at what point, and after the problem continues to worsen to what extent?

The French are having an election today, with the candidate in favor of more of this same type of thing in their nation, and of the mandated open borders that make it inevitable, leading the candidate who wants to put an end to it. Apparently they haven’t yet lost enough of their freedom or been subjected to a sufficient amount of abuse to realize the seriousness of their situation. They need, and those in support of these policies deserve, a little more of this kind of stuff, perhaps to personally experience what this reporter did, before they’ll believe the threat is real and their situation dire.

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  1. radman414 // May 7, 2017 at 8:08 pm // Reply

    Such irony in this story! Back in the days before conservatism was a popular political philosophy, people used to ask, “What’s a conservative?” And the answer was, “A liberal who got mugged!” It would be interesting to do a follow-up on this reporter’s future stories to see if her position on unfettered immigration into her country shifts a bit.

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