Report McMaster, Petraeus Planning For Unilateral War With Syria – 150,000 US Troops

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The Journalist who broke the story about Susan Rice being the lead culprit in the leaking of masked identities and other espionage act related crimes, Mike Cernovich, is reporting that President Trump’s National Security Adviser, General HR McMaster is joining up with the deep state establishment, including his mentor General David Petraeus, in the manipulation of intelligence information into a package that is favorable to and offers arguments supportive of a new war in Syria. This is the very situation Michael Savage sensed and likewise warned against just a yesterday.

The operation would be substantial, including the deployment of 150,000 ground troops to Syria. Petraeus is reportedly on board to help him sell the idea to President Trump, with war-mongering Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham already making the rounds of television interview programs to prepare the American public for the idea. What’s the point of having all of these missiles and bombs if you don’t get to use them to blow things up, eh, boys? They’re not really practical for killing terrorists.

McMasters’ job at the National Security Adviser is to synthesize intelligence reports from all sources into a comprehensive overview and, according to Cernovich, that view favors a full scale war in Syria. The establishment may indeed have gotten what they were seeking when Susan Rice got the goods on General Flynn and forced him out. It certainly appears that they’ve got the inside track on decision making in the White House.

Cernovich notes that Special Operations Vets, including General Joseph Votel have raised serious concerns over his plans for Syria and for his sharing of classified information with Petraeus, who no longer has his security clearance after it was revoked in his own security scandal. Of course one really can’t get much more into the deep state establishment web than former CIA Director General Petraeus, who was being considered for the position McMasters, his prodigy, now holds. Under the current arrangement he was able to avoid the embarrassment and difficulty of confirmation hearings and still be involved in the decision making process.

It was necessary to remove Steve Bannon from their tight-knit little cadre, as he is opposed to the establishment and was instrumental in what is increasingly looking like a fanciful notion of draining the DC Swamp. Cernovich reports:

Derek Harvey, the top Middle East adviser in the NSC, has close ties with Petraeus and is close with McMaster. (Harvey reportedly faces a massive EEO complaint from subordinates, although that investigation remains open.)

Harvey and McMaster have been trying to subvert Joint Chiefs Chairman General Joseph Dunford and Secretary of Defense James Mattis. Mattis and Dunford support working with our allies in the fight against ISIS. Harvey and McMaster are advocating for a massive American-only ground force.

Two men were standing in between another U.S.-led war in the Middle East — General Mike Flynn and Steve Bannon. Flynn was removed after Susan Rice unmasked classified information concerning him. Bannon’s role within the White House was weakened by McMaster, who demanded Bannon be removed from his advisory position at NSC.

McMaster’s friends in the media, as part of a broader strategy to increase McMaster’s power, have claimed Jared Kushner and Bannon had a major falling out. In fact Kushner and Bannon are united in their opposition to McMaster’s plan.

The timeline for all of this, if it is as Cernovich reported, is suspicious. The gas attack or incident, whether accidental or deliberate and with its source still yet to be independently verified, occurred on Tuesday, April 4th. We’re told that over the course of the 4th and 5th, Ivanka Trump was so outraged by what she had seen on television and the lack of a response that she had started working to influence her father. There are also reports that he had already decided to respond militarily.

So if he had made a complete reversal on his positions on involving us in another war almost instantaneously upon seeing the images, as we’ve been told, that means that in the course of 4 days we’ve gone from an expression of support for allowing Assad to remain by Secretary Tillerson to a full blown invasion of Syria involving 150,000 troops and a huge expenditure of money we don’t have. Even allowing that some of that type of planning is ongoing, that’s some pretty quick decision making and preparation. 

And in that four day time frame a plan was developed and the sales persons recruited and already begun pushing the narrative. Even prior to the airstrikes Lindsey Graham was pushing the idea of exactly that in an O’Reilly interview.

It’s all a little bit too convenient, the pieces seeming too orchestrated to be simply happening as we’re being told. Nobody wants to believe we’ve been misled by our President, especially one we fought so hard for and pinned so much of our hopes for the future upon.

Let’s hope that Mr. Cernovich got some bad information this time and that President Trump isn’t taking us to a major war that involves a confrontation with Russia. Still, Graham and McCain seem to have been led to believe otherwise and that is very concerning.


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10 Comments on Report McMaster, Petraeus Planning For Unilateral War With Syria – 150,000 US Troops

  1. David Welden // April 10, 2017 at 9:18 pm // Reply

    Exceptional post, Nancy. I’d like to hear Trump’s answer to it.

  2. Nancy Vinal (Watcher) // April 10, 2017 at 9:47 am // Reply

    Gee.. why do I keep recalling the “Put America First”… “America comes first”…. I will never betray America”… and many many more phrases that were repeated over and over again… until the people began to believe that a wealthy man whose holdings exceed multiple billions of dollars actually gives a flying hoot about some little peon who trudges off every morning, or evening to a “service oriented JOB” because there are almost NO real work left to be had in this country?
    WHY does anybody in this land believe that invading a sovereign country on the other side of the globe is somehow “protecting America” or “making America Great Again”???????

    Why do the people in the US care if Syria has a central bank or not… or if Iran has a central bank or not? .. Or if Libya didn’t have a central bank.. or if Iran didn’t have one either and started selling their oil for Euros instead of US petro dollars????? Why do we care if Syria has refused to allow a pipeline to be installed across their country so the Zionists in Is-rahell can get natural gas without having to “be nice” to Russia?…
    WHY do we CARE~!!!! The problems in what once WAS really “America” are so weighty, our debt to the non-Federal Federal Reserve banking corporation and foreign countries is SO MASSIVE that it is physically impossible to actually pay it…. EVER!
    But these NeoCONS take our tax monies to send missiles at over a million dollars a pop to attack a country that has never caused us a minute’s worth of trouble… and they do it without even taking the matter to the congress which is what the law says they are supposed to do….
    They kill people in Syria and they do it based on “hear-say” gossip that was never vetted or verified in any way.. (another Assad is gassing his own people false flag BS deal)….
    And there IS a reason for all this but that reason is THEIR agenda not ours… and it is dirty~!

    We have been “had” all over again. Now us “little expendable people” have to begin worrying about what other nations may do because of this insanity.

  3. Susan Borden // April 10, 2017 at 3:20 am // Reply

    Trump is caught in a Catch 22 now. If the gassing in Syria is ruled caused by anything other than Assad, the his bombing breaks international law and is grounds for impeachment. The establishment, globalists can hold this over his head for him to do their bidding. The other scenario is our President is not only going along with it, he desires war. His body language and tone during the Syria bombing speech from Mar-a-Lago is telling.

  4. The positions have been changing and except for some favorable economic directions it’s becoming nebulous as to what MAGA will be. It appears that the neocons are pushing MAWA (Make America War Again) as their favorite mechanism for money laundering.

    If the direction Trump is going is based b ad advise, what happened to campaign principles. There seems to be some concern and truth to this article.

  5. We must be careful that we don’t end up giving all , in the end , to the wrong leadership , etc,….because I still feel that McCain is cheering for the wrong people (rebels) to win as they are Isis filled …………….crooks…..

  6. Deplorable Doctor // April 9, 2017 at 11:47 pm // Reply

    Just the thought of 150,000 US Troops in Syria may be enough for Syrians to oust Assad! Trump is NO Dummy!

  7. Words that meaning is “disaster” but spelled different; Graham and McCain 

  8. McCain and Graham are in a full-court presumptive selling mode to escalate military action wherever they can. And the media is climbing aboard their campaign full force.

    However, I need to question whether Trump is leaning in that direction. Listening to McMaster this morning, he brushed aside all of Chris Wallace’s efforts to gin-up a commitment for war against Assad. That doesn’t mean the possibility isn’t there, but, it didn’t show this morning.

    The good news is that Trump isn’t going to forget the roles McCain and Graham and others played in the never-Trump initiative. Also good news is that Tillerson hasn’t backed off his trip to Moscow this week. Conversely, it was not good to see Bannon’s removal from the NSC. Hopefully he will be in the sessions when the President receives his briefings. He is one of the extremely limited sources of sanity Trump can count on.

    On the horizon, Trump is going to have to look at reducing the influence of Ivanka in his decisions.

  9. Another Middle Eastern boondoggle? Please, no!

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