Replacement Executive Order Very Likely Next Week, Gen McInerney Agrees

gen mcinerney new executive order


President Trump will likely issue a replacement executive order for the one that was nullified when four liberal judges decided they wanted to play president. Reports indicate it could come as soon as Monday or Tuesday, with President Trump being quoted as saying he wants “to act rapidly for reasons of security.”

Do any of these dismissive libtards entertain the notion that maybe President Trump discovered an imminent threat from these areas that was in addition to the already identified need for proper vetting and his calls for a suspension of the refugee programs? That’s why he’s got the security clearances that we don’t, so he can make the appropriate decisions that he’s entrusted to make by the Constitution.

It’s not dependent upon whether you voted for him or even like him. Maybe there’s a real reason for the urgency and maybe these arrogant eggheads in Washington, Minnesota and California just did some very irresponsible and stupid things that are going to get a lot of Americans killed.

Retired Lt. Gen Thomas McInerney says he thinks that a new executive order is the right strategy. He says, “Don’t get caught up in the courts, come out with one, rewrite it a little bit. They got it out fast but the fact is the American people expect President Trump, when we elected him, that he would operate fast against radical Islam and he has done that. He has changed the vernacular, they’re no longer violent extremists they are radical Islamists, he has identified that.”

“He’s putting out all of these executive orders to nullify them and to get control.” McInerney says, “He’s got a thirty day order out to give me a plan how you defeat ISIS. And so he’s moving out. The American people want that. They don’t want left-wing judges and left-wing lawyers in the 9th Circuit to stop him from doing his responsibilities as the Commander-in-Chief.”

The host notes that “refugee” levels from the 7 identified terrorist nations are at levels double what they were prior to the President signing the executive order. McInerney says, “That clearly shows he was doing the right thing,” getting into an explanation of just how difficult the challenges of proper vetting are, with the just-thwarted imminent attack in Paris as a timely example.

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